The online community is buzzing about LGBT topics, it is becoming more and more popular among young people. Accordingly, LGBT is the abbreviation of the initials of a community of LGBT people (Lesbian), gay, bisexual (Bisexual) and transgender (Transgender). . So, what is LGBT? We learn together through the content below!

1. What is LGBT understanding?

LGBT includes homosexuality, gay, bisexual, and transgender – this is the term describing a person’s sexual orientation, particularly when they are sexually oriented with people of the same sex, who love people of the same sex. For example, men love men, women love women, in addition bisexual people describe a person as a man or a woman who is attracted to love, sexually by both sexes (i.e. a man can love a woman, men can love men and vice versa for women).

According to a statistical study in the United States, about 3.5% of the population is identified as homosexual, bisexual and transgender people about their real sex, but there are also many people who do not have feelings. Sexual contact with any gender can be called asexual.

In the ancient times, when medicine was not developed and the society was not modern like today, people belonging to the LGBT community could be considered as suffering from mental illness, people did not recognize this as a gender but thought. LGBT people are mentally challenged and have mental problems. But since July 15, 1990, the United Nations announced that LGBT is not a mental illness – a memorable milestone for people in the LGBT community because they are officially recognized and allowed to live freely. and considered one of the communities of humanity.

In recent years, around the world, the LGBT community has grown strongly, in Europe, some countries such as the Netherlands, Spain, … have accepted same-sex marriage and considered it as marriage. legal person.

The image of a hexagonal flag of the LGBT community

Another memorable event for LGBT people was that on June 26, 2015, the United States passed and allowed same-sex marriage across the country. Surely among us, everyone knows that America is the most advanced and developed country in the world, so the recognition of the law for the LGBT community in America has created a big turning point for this community in the world. gender. This particularly important milestone was also joined by the Facebook boss in response to the movement by changing his avatar to a hexagonal flag background (6 colors), the online community at that time changed the flag avatar. hexadecimal.

In our country, in recent years, the LGBT community has also developed rapidly and strongly with many people daring to come out and acknowledge their gender and live with themselves.

2. What is gender identity (gender identity)?

Psychologists point out that people with gender identity are those whose sexual perception is completely opposite of sexual orientation, not at all the same as sexual orientation. Therefore, gender identity can be understood as a person’s perception of his or her gender, be it female, can also be male or other sex.

3. Learn about transgender people

Transgender people are known to have a gender identity that is completely different from the biological sex when they are born. Maybe a person is born male, but in their body, their physiology always motivates the instinct to be a girl, to be a woman and vice versa, is born female but the real gender is the same. boys.

There are people who boldly transgender, decide to live according to their true gender lifestyle, style, dress and action, others take hormones, use surgery to return to their village. their own gender identity. But on the contrary, there are also people who feel depressed and have low self-esteem when their gender and appearance are completely different, they are not brave enough to have sex change surgery or do not have their family’s permission.

LGBT means that men love men, women love women and vice versa

4. Learn about the term “Cisgender” is what?

“Cisgender” is one of the terms psychologists use to simulate / describe the personality of people whose gender identity is exactly the same as their gender when they are born, meaning that they are born. girls, the physiology and personality of the girl and vice versa in men, too. This term is completely opposite to the transgender concept mentioned in section 3.

5. Learn about lesbian, gay, or bisexual

Apart from the issues outlined above, a person’s sexual orientation is completely unable to determine their sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is also related to maintaining the family race, being cared for, loved and cared for.

Not only can bisexual and homosexual people are identified as adults and who have sex, but even teenagers who have never had sex with a person of the same sex, but are still identified as homosexual.

The wedding of a lesbian couple is supported by a large number of friends and relatives

6. Learn about one’s perceptions of one’s gender identity

There are people who perceive sex as a child (about 4 years old), but there are people who perceive sex during puberty or later by changes in sex hormones. There are teenagers who are in adolescence who learn about their own perception of their sexual identity. If you have become aware of your gender identity from an early age, you should seek medical advice and care promptly.

But, in reality, there are many problems that LGBT people need to face when going to school, in the community or in their own families, which causes many people for their family, for their parents to still keep the race, but the family has little happiness.

The current situation of LGBT people being bullied at school or being discriminated against in the community makes them feel lonely or hide their true gender. There are teenagers who are depressed because they belong to the LGBT community, many have thought about how to cope even to let their emotions flow in a negative way, …

The wedding of a gay couple

7. Should I be open to LGBT families and society?

Perhaps, this is a question that any LGBT person wonders at any age, any gender will not be less concerned about their true gender. There are parents who openly acknowledge and accept the gender of their children, but in contrast, there are families with prejudice about LGBT.

If in fact, you are not brave enough to reveal your true sex, you still have many concerns, you need to see a psychologist to answer your concerns and make the best decision about gender. your real. 

Hopefully, through the content of the answered article, it will help readers to understand what LGBT is , and to fully realize gender. Whoever you are, whatever gender you are, you are always happy, healthy and happy.