What is Tamodo?

Tamodo is an entirely new affiliate marketing platform launched in Vietnam like the popular platforms in Vietnam such as Accesstrade, Massoffer, Unica …

Launched on January 14, 2020 and is attracting a very strong mmo community because of the extremely attractive compensation method and the difference that no other platform has ever had.

Tamodo difference

  • Affiliate Commission up to 90% (This means that there are some products worth $ 1000 when people buy through your Link, you will receive immediately and immediately $ 900)
  • Cookie length of up to 360 days (great is not it because the mem when someone clicks on the link to introduce your campaign, they will be saved but they do not care and ignore but after a while less than 360 days if this person comes back to buy you still get affiliate marketing money)
  • Referral bonus up to 7 Floors (we’ll find out below)

Instruction to register Tamodo get $ 0.25 immediately when registering here!

First you go to Tamodo via the link above, then look at the bottom of the “Sign up” button. Click on it and fill out personal information as below.

Click “sign up” to continue. Then you check the email from Tamodo, which will have a link to set a password.

When the installation is completed, go to sign in to log in. Below is the Tamodo interface.

How to make money with Tamodo

Like all e-commerce sites, Tamodo has an “Affiliate Marketing Campaign” and is not only the few and unique categories like Amazon or Alibaba but is extremely diverse, to say All For One. Always because the mem can find almost all products at Tamodo from goods, education, travel, credit loans, .. .. extremely much.

Tamodo’s compensation commission

Normally, other e-commerce sites will have very few pages with Ref Affiliate program like Tamodo, when mems introduce and sell a product, mem will only receive affiliate marketing money but with Tamodo The person you introduce knows about Tamodo when marketing and selling a product, the mem will still get money.

With Tamodo, memers will receive a 5% bonus on the income the person introduced to Tamodo and up to 7 floors.

Where does Tamodo get money to pay marketers?

Tamodo is in the community development phase, Beta phase. Payments to marketers are taken from the company’s marketing fund.

They build the community through affiliate marketing campaigns. Reward members when referring others to register as members.

With 7-level commission compensation model, 0.25 usd / person and target number of 500,000 members. Total budget for developing this community is less than 800 thousand USD, foreign enterprises have enough money to spend on marketing.

After the beta period, once the community is available, the money paid to marketers will be deducted% from the introduction of products & services of businesses cooperating with Tamodo.

How to withdraw Tamodo money

Currently, Tamodo supports people to be able to withdraw money immediately and immediately through payment gateways: Bitcoin, Paypal, Moneybookers, … and even withdraw straight to the bank account of the mem.

And the minimum withdrawal limit is also extremely delicious, just enough $ 10 is the mem was able to withdraw money already.

Sign up for Tamodo now

The program is limited to the number of members is 500,000 (500,000 people).
Only lasts for 6 months, starting from 14.1.2020 to 14.7.2020.
With FREE referral model & 7-level commission, I am sure the number of members will quickly reach 500K.