Teva Pharmaceuticals launched its IUD device named the Paragrad in 1984. For many years, women have been using the products to control childbirth. In the initial years, the product was widely accepted and had no bad reviews or complaints. But later in 2010, many complaints got registered to FDA regarding the health issues caused by the product.

The company is facing several lawsuits against them, and therefore, they have made changes to their product packaging. Teva Pharmaceuticals has put a warning on the products that it is breakable. If you are a victim of Paragard injury, you must hire a Paragard lawsuit lawyer to register a complaint so that you can be compensated for your loss.

In such cases, your attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf under The Product And Drug Liability Act.

To further understand the Paragard Lawsuit, let us look at some of the following key points.

How can an injury be caused because of Paragard?

Paragard is an IUD device installed in the vagina which acts as contraception and prevents unwanted pregnancies. As you are installing a copper-T device inside your vagina, there are possibilities that it can break inside your body. Additionally, many women have reported that while removing the IUD from their bodies, they experienced injuries that were treated by conducting surgery.

After various instances and reports of such mishaps, the company realised the seriousness of the issue. A warning was given to the company to make the consumers aware of the problem.

If you have experienced such an unfortunate incident in your life, you must take legal action against the product’s manufacturer, who is liable to pay you compensation for the damage and loss.

Moreover, if you had an infection, injury, uterus removal or a post-removal surgery due to the IUD, tell your Paragard lawsuit lawyer in detail about your experience. The lawyer will analyse your case and demand compensation from the manufacturer for your loss.

What is covered under the compensation?

If you have suffered from an injury or infection, it must have cost you loss of time, money and mental and physical peace. The attorney can fight to get you compensation for the following.

  1. Loss of wages
  2. Mental and physical trauma
  3. Hospital bills
  4. Medical bills

However, the lawyer will only be eligible to get you compensation for the injury caused if you tell them the actual truth. Many people even put false charges on others to gain monetary profits. The lawyer needs to know the whole truth even if it is not in your favour. The lawyer’s responsibility is to keep the client’s interest at priority and put all the efforts to reach a conclusion favouring the client.

To find a trusted drug and medical device damage attorney, you will have to do some research. Before you hire an attorney, you should check their success rate and ask them to give you a free consultation. If you feel that the lawyer has confidence and can fight a long battle with you, you can appoint them to handle your lawsuit.