What is the wheel of life?

The Life Wheel is one of the great self-assessment, self-discovery tools that help you visualize the different aspects of your life.

Have you ever wondered?

How to establish your life balance?

You try to think, Parents focus on making money, forget about time with their children, leading to a broken relationship. Leadership and management focus on maximizing profit, and forget culture. People have poor working morale, focus on their career and make money but forget their health, and later use money to heal. The wheel of life rolling up or down is up to you.

Many experts in the field of coaching / coaching believe that the wheel of life is a highly effective tool in their customer support process.

The wheel of life will also help you shape yourself with specific goals for the happy, fulfilling life you want to achieve.

The wheel of life helps you do all of the above by assisting you in the process of assessing and questioning your own life.

Suppose your life is a wheel, rolled on the journey of life and has 8 spokes representing 8 areas “Finance, Health, Personal Development, Relationship, Career, Environment. Life, Spirituality, Social Contribution ” And that wheel is round or distorted, you create it.

Imagine if using this wheel to fit into a car that leads you to a full, balanced life, how long do you think it will go before you fall “on your stomach”.

Yet a lot of people today are still trying to run fast on such a “distorted” wheel and then they wonder, I have tried, made great efforts but why everything is still incomplete.

If you don’t want to see yourself in that situation. Then let’s build a wheel “rounder” more or more balanced according to your needs.

The structure of the wheel of life

Depending on each person may be divided into different parts, some people only need 5 parts, some people have 6 parts … However, today I will talk about the wheel of life with 8 parts corresponding to 8 different aspects. :

1. Health

“Having health, we have millions of dreams, but when we don’t have health, we only have one dream, which is health”.

So, how is your health right now? Do you exercise regularly and have a reasonable diet, do you have regular checkups? Or are you still subjective, and then: “Will my youth sell health to make money, and then use the money to buy health?”

“Somewhere in this world, there is a daily trainer, so that one day, when they meet you, they will beat you.”

2. Develop yourself

Society is constantly evolving, if you stand still, the same thing as you are falling behind!

Did you know that Vietnam’s education only teaches Knowledge (Knowledge) leads to disoriented students, graduates, no ambitions and dreams (Attitute problems) and serious lack of skills (Skills – Skill).

Therefore, you must act immediately, fully develop yourself A, S, K, as a continuous, forever process.

In addition to studying at school, you should diligently read books, newspapers, participate in training courses, find yourself good teachers and do not forget that the biggest teacher is Google.com.

Even reading this article, the wheel of life, you are developing yourself!

Sharpen your sword, get ready for Career to break all limits!

3.   Relationship

Your life, there are 5 options:

  • Choose friends to play
  • Choose a teacher to study
  • Choose a job to do
  • Choose a wife to get
  • Choose reason to live

Know how to create, select, preserve and develop the relationships you need, don’t waste time on social relationships.

Believe it or not, you are the average of the 5 best friends. Playing with chickens, you must be chickens, but playing with eagles, you will become an eagle. So don’t play with negative people, but find positive friends for yourself to share the great things in life.

Find yourself good teachers to learn in life. If you lack leadership skills, find people who are good at leadership to learn, if you lack financial knowledge, learn finance, … Know “Stand on the shoulders of giants”.

Keep and develop valuable relationships: partners, customers, colleagues, … who will help and bring opportunities to you.

Always cherish and cherish your family – A peaceful last place and a destination for life.

Your life will be meaningful if you live in the care and love of everyone around you.

Remember “What comes from the heart will reach the heart”. Howard Schultz.

4. Finance

“If you were born poor, it is not your fault. But if you die poor, it is your fault. ” – Bill Gates

Money cannot buy happiness – But it is difficult to be happy without money.

Make up for yourself a smart financial plan, learn 6 financial jars. So that you can control your finances appropriately.

5. Career

Career is measured by finance and reputation. If you want to succeed in your career, make money kindly!

If you follow the sequence as above, then a successful career is the consequence you get.

I am very absorbed in the saying: “If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build their dream.” .-   Tony Gaskins

Why don’t you master your life, for example you can become an entrepreneur – the people who created this world. Accept commitment, overcome all barriers, hurt to break through all limits. Get into the few 10% of the population, but hold 90% of the world’s wealth.

6. Entertainment

Freedom to do what you like: traveling, exploring the world, reading, eating, playing sports, … on a regular basis. Don’t live a dull life. When it comes to doing what you like, it’s already a blessing, isn’t it?

People with more interests always have a more interesting life. When it becomes passionate, it will make you live for it, act on it with the most vigor and enthusiasm. Live for life!

7. Share

Create useful values ​​for the community such as: doing charity, setting up a scholarship fund, training national talent, creating products and services that are useful to the society or simply helping people. .

To live is to give, to show love for everyone, to feel at peace in my life. When bringing happiness to everyone, I feel warm myself. That is the individual and natural needs of each of us, not motivation or purpose at all.

Share both physically and mentally

Share knowledge to make people wiser!

8. Spirituality

Is the spiritual or physical life more important?

After all, all materials are just to satisfy each person’s spiritual needs.

The spiritual life includes: thinking, perception, memory, will, imagination and emotion, …

A philosopher said, “Since you were born in this world, you have started on the path to death. And the bigger you grow, the closer you are to death. I really like this statement and I think that there is no reason for us to waste time living with pessimism, sadness, boredom or hatred. I cherish every moment that I live, and always try to enjoy it to the maximum.

To live is to love. How long does a human life have to hate each other. Altruistic life, no anger, no hatred, no resentment.

How to find the wheel of my life

Identify the areas you need to pay more attention to. Let’s experience the “Wheel of Life” exercise to explore your life through the following steps:

Step 1:

Draw the Wheel of Life circle, and divide the circle into 6-8 parts, for each part you choose an area that you think is the most important in your life, you can take the 8 areas above. or 8 other areas depending on you (such as family, children, love …) and you grade it yourself (be honest with yourself, you can have a correct view of your life).

Step 2:

Rate your satisfaction on each aspect on a scale of 1-10 (1 being unsatisfied and 10 being completely satisfied). Find out which areas are below 7, ask yourself the following questions:

What do I need to score at least 8 in this field?

What results do I want to achieve in this area?

How much time will I spend a week in this field?

Step 3:

List 1-3 results you want to achieve in other areas to make sure you don’t ignore them.

Step 4:

Commitment to comply with what I have set out to regain control of the wheel of his life.

Step 5:

Spend time each week redrawing the Wheel of Life to evaluate your areas. After the assessment is done, connect the points together to shape your wheel of life like the   model below.

What are the benefits of the wheel of life?

The Wheel of Life gives us a clear picture of what we are doing well and what we are doing not (relatively).

If we do not have a system to evaluate what we have done or not, we will not know what to do next and where to go. We lose motivation to continue working to improve other important areas of our life.

The Wheel of Life helps us stay focused on what’s most important. One of the simplest and most helpful ways to start moving your life in a more positive direction is to stop doing things that aren’t important to us.

How to apply the wheel of life to life?

If you focus on improving the health area, you will most likely feel energized and your attitude will become more positive with life. This could result in your relationships with others increasing, or your career growing because you have twice the energy of working as others.

If you focus on improving the area of ​​personal development, you can bring all other areas together to new heights. The key here is to find ways to help you balance these areas for a week with different activities.

Focusing on only one area and neglecting others for a week would be very dangerous because we run the risk of falling into a twisted and distorted wheel shape.

Setting the wheel of life is a simple but never-easy process. It requires a certain level of self-awareness along with the courage to observe your life truthfully.