What Is Zorb Ball- How Popular It Is

Do you like the feel of adrenalin running through your blood? If yes then you have to tried out a lot of different adventure sports. But Everything with adventure sports is that most of them are very expensive. So, Is there cheap option available? In fact, it is called zorbing. The sport is played using a Zorb Ball.

Now you must be wondering what a Zorb Ball is? Let’s see that first and then we will be moving on to discuss other things about this sport.

Defining Zorb Ball

In very simple words a Zorb Ball is a very big plastic ball. The ball is made out of good quality PVC or TPU plastic. Clear plastic is used to make the ball and not a lot of people know this but the Zorb Ball is two balls.

There is the inner ball in which a person enters and the outer ball which is the ball in contact with the rolling surface.

In between the outer ball and this inner ball, usually, the air is filled and if the Zorb Ball is very big then the supporting arms made out of flexible plastic are used in between these two balls. A typical Zorb Ball has a diameter of 10 feet.

The inner ball is usually 6 feet and 7 inches in diameter. In this way, about 20 to 24 inches are there in between the outer ball and the inner ball which makes up for a very good air cushion that keeps the people inside the inner ball safe.

For extra safety, all Zorb Balls are made out of plastic that is 0.03 inches thick. Having known what a Zorb ball is, let’s see what zorbing is?

 Knowing Zorbing Insights!

Zorbing is simply an adventure sport that involves rolling down a hill or rolling on a plain surface using a Zorb Ball.

The sport was started by ZORB Limited In 1994. The company is based in New Zealand and is now the biggest governing body for the sport.

Coming back to he sport, it has two levels which are beginner and professional.

The beginner ball comes with straps inside it. And, If you are using a Zorb Ball for the very first time then you will be strapped inside the ball and people from outside will push it. This is done so that you can get accustomed to the spinning world that is presented by Zorb Ball at full speed.

Furthermore, once you have enough experience, you can go inside the normal Zorb Ball and make it move on your own.

Moving ahead, with the fundamentals of Zorb Ball and zorbing now clear, let’s take a look at how popular zorbing is?

How Popular It Is?

Zorbing is a very popular sport all over the world. Iit allows one to go very fast without the worry of getting hurt. Moreover, it is also popular because it has no age barrier as well, it is age-friendly.

The popularity of Zorb Ball has sure that it is used in a lot of other fun ways other than just for rolling. Some of the popular Zorb Ball sports are bubble football, Zorb ball racing, Zorb Ball bowling, and Zorb sumo.

You see, a Zorb ball is the ultimate source of entertainment. Having said that, let’s move on to the places and the price that you will have to pay to go zorbing.

The Places And Prices To Go Zorbing

The best place to go zorbing in Austria. Austria is the best because the sport was invented in this country only and there are a lot of zorbing parks In Austria. If you are considering going to Austria for zorbing then you will have to pay $80 to $800 depending upon the time for which and the type of ball you take.

If going to Austria just for zorbing seems too far-fetched to you then you can always buy your own Zorb ball from the Kameymall.

The Kameymall is in South San Gose Hills in California, USA. The store opens at 9:00 AM on all the weekdays. You can also order the ball online from the Kameymall. There could be shipping charges involved depending upon where in the USA you live.

Some places in the USA also offer water zorbing, which is walking over water in a Zorb ball.

That is all that is there to know about the Zorb ball and zorbing. Zorbing is best down when with friends and/or family. A Zorb ball can make the family picnic 1000 times better. So, get your Zorb Ball today and take it with you the next time you head out for a family picnic near a lake or at an open space.