Recently, Hanfu has been known for its showcase of traditional Chinese clothing and the educational content that comes to it. Hanfu has been renowned as an arising famous social manifestation in mainland China. Their beautiful and sophisticated items are being noticed around the globe. Whatsonweibo spotlights Hanfu clothing as not hardly a piece of clothes but also a compelling way to showcase the arts and culture of China. Over the years, Hanfu has changed positions in the clothing industry as a fashion style website and now transforms into a substantial growth on Chinese social media platforms. When Hanfu released another set of beautiful Christmas collection, the popular Chinese website Weibo was also swept away.

What was Hanfu Movement

The release of the Christmas collection and the promotion for an e-commerce company by Actress Xu Jiao have once again made the Hanfu movement in the limelight. In the VTR, the actress puts on a Hanfu in numerous locations while conversing about the significance behind the style and tone. It was always a factor that a popular television personality will endorse a clothing style that will be significant to people, especially teenagers and Millenials. Whatsonweibo then accentuates how Hanfu Movement has been adapted into the modern days. It was believed that it was because of the advocacy of wearing Hanfu, even if there is no special occasion or celebration. This Chinese community is has developed into a valid movement. There are many people, most especially the community of adolescent Chinese participating, who participated in the advocacy of acquiring and wearing traditional Chinese dress even in public places and respected buildings. Their sales have gone increasingly because events hooked the Hanfu movement enthusiast with so many Chinese historical dramas today. There has been an emphasis on wearing the hat clothing, thus bringing forth their tradition. The Hanfu Movement is best described by many as a form of social activity that favors Han Chinese ethnic clothes. The Chinese community has always loved to show off their culture worldwide with aesthetics and beauty.

Their campaign towards their clothing has made a significant impact on society. Hanfu enthusiast has made a mission to introduce their culture and make people understand the importance of Hanfu. Hanfu followers believed that other people do not well accept racial clothing. This has brought them to show the world their true intention of wearing them. They wanted to educate people that any foreign influence does not invade their culture. This assumption strengthens the notion about the Han suprematism in their late dynasties. This has been discussed long before technology has been modernized and the internet was born. The connotation was that ‘civilized’ Han people have constantly theorized themselves to be outstanding towards ‘uncivilized’ barbarians or the people that belonged to the Manchu Dynasty.

Hanfu Enthusiasts believed that there is more to this Hanfu clothing collection than the linen itself. Their articles of clothing have a great significance in their culture and that it takes pride in them wearing it even this modern times. This has been one factor that Chinese people are great advocates of their culture and tradition. They associate those elements with their everyday routine so that other people also will be enlightened enough about the situation.

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