The need to watch sport online free on the network of big fans today has greatly promoted the development and introduction of applications and software supporting the online sports watching of the king.

The development of technology has made it possible for people to connect with entertainment programs right on their own computers or phones without having to sit in front of the TV. With the following applications and software will help you watch live sports for free simpler and easier.

Sopcast – The most popular football player software today

Sopcast is the leading sports Streaming Sites Free, most popular today used by many fans around the world to connect TV channels with each other via the internet.

Sopcast online TV viewing software works based on 2P2 protocol. Sopcast software has many outstanding advantages such as fast download speed, watching online without waiting at home, there are many high quality full HD TV channels, watching TV via internet easily and conveniently. , no lag, jerks or errors.

We can enjoy the exciting football matches such as the Bundesliga, Seria, the English Premier League to the Europa Cup football tournaments and even the football leagues that are expected by the whole world such as: Euro, World Cup … However, the downside of this software is commenting in English and does not yet support IOS.

TalkTV – The leading website for watching football online

TalkTV is an application with many outstanding functions for gamers, streamers, singers, hot girls to communicate online with fans through the internet.

In addition, the app also plays free football matches every week. The outstanding advantage of this application is the very fast downloading speed, watching the programs is completely free. However, it also has the disadvantages that there is no copyright to broadcast official football matches and the quality of the matches is also not good.

FPT Play – Copyright broadcasting software

FPT Play application is an online television application built and developed by FPT Telecom. With this app, we can not only watch football matches but also watch all the different TV shows and entertainment.

The advantage of this program is simple, easy to use, sharp image quality, fast loading speed, especially this is the only application in Vietnam that has the copyright to broadcast the English Premier League. The downside of this application is that we will have to pay to watch.

VTV Go – Application to watch football online for free

If you only have one smartphone connected to the internet, you want to update every minute of your favorite football tournament, the VTV Go app is the best choice. This is the solution to watch online TV or live football for free.

The interface of VTVGo application is quite simple, eye-catching content and form, helping users to easily perform operations as well as access support features of VTVGo.

VTVGo application fully updates all broadcast schedules of TV channels, helping users to capture the schedule and take the initiative in time, you will not miss your favorite content. And you can also watch TV shows on this app.


LiveScore is the fastest and most popular watch live sports for free application for football fans. The web interface of LiveScore is very simple and has fast loading speed, quick and accurate updating of the results of matches. Besides LiveScore is also displayed so we can know the line-up, match statistics.

Hopefully, with the information on the Top of the most popular online football watching software today, it can help you research and choose for yourself the most appropriate application to immerse yourself in the enthusiasm of Soccer. – one of the best online football watch websites, with the most love. This online football watching website is mainly used for compatible TV screen. The interesting thing is that you absolutely can watch both the top games both domestically and abroad in the best way. With you can enjoy the top matches of the Premier League, La Ligia, Seria A, League 1, and etc.

Too popular but easy to use can only be youtube. Currently, this video social networking site has integrated many different applications that allow viewers to interact directly with football on the official channels that youtube publishes. However, because it is “public”, it is impossible to expect a site to surf smoothly. The matches that are broadcast on this are usually the matches re-broadcast from domestic and foreign broadcasters.

At, you can still watch all the different football leagues such as Champion League, La Liga, Premier League, Europa League. You can watch live football on both platforms of Youtube is the web and the App on mobile devices.

Hope that after the post, you know more about the best watch sports online free for enjoying.