We can say with confidence the output of AMD Ryzen processors turned everything upside down. Many users prefer to build a computer on the new platform. Moreover, the new AM4 socket has remained relevant for several years. Ryzen 3000 processors can be installed in existing motherboards.

This article will tell you which chipset to choose for the AM4 socket. Support for all previous generation motherboards is very good. This, in turn, can confuse a user who is assembling a computer for the first time. Depending on the heart of the PC, the specific Ryzen processor model and the motherboard is selected.

AMD Socket AM4 Chipset Comparison

AMD chipsets are divided into different segments (defined by a series of chipsets). For Ryzen processors of the first generation, motherboards based on the A320, B350 and X370 chipsets were released, the second – B450, X470 and the third – X570 (we expect B550).

  • A series are ultra-budget chipsets designed specifically for office and work computers. To a large extent, these are not even budget Ryzen processors.
  • Series B are already mid-budget chipsets with full support for overclocking both the processor and memory. They are more than enough for gaming computers.
  • XSeries are top-end chipsets that support all of AMD’s latest technology. Provides comprehensive low-level control and supports dual-card configurations.

The difference between the AM4 chipsets

Please note that by default, not all processors are supported on each chipset. BIOS support may be required to add support. All data on the compatibility of the motherboard and the exact processor model must be viewed on the manufacturer’s website.

Which chipset to choose for Ryzen? Definitely you need to choose motherboards based on B450, X470 or X570 chipsets. Although on the X370 chipset you can find many great boards. See how many power phases you need for Ryzen . In the table you can see the compatibility of each board with Ryzen 3000 processors.

Best chipset for Ryzen 5 3600

Six-core Ryzen 3000 processors belong to the middle price category. Undoubtedly, you can choose a motherboard based on the X570 chipset, which will be twice as expensive as the processor itself. Like it or not, this chipset will be better for the national processor. And in the near future it will be possible to successfully upgrade without replacing the motherboard.

The question is, is it already optimal and profitable? When you want to change username but confused to which username is best for you there are few sites to give wow name generator If you choose a processor of the middle price segment, then I doubt very much that such a motherboard is needed. I think it’s worth taking a look at the best motherboards in 2020: in terms of the PRICE – QUALITY ratio . See what the manufacturer offers and make a decision.

For example, for the Ryzen 5 3600 processor, the MSI B450 Tomahawk Max motherboard is more than enough. AMD StoreMI Drive Acceleration Technology is free. To install several video cards, motherboards with X470 chipsets are recommended. And support for PCIe 4.0 appeared starting with the x570 chipset.

Some manufacturers have updated their line of boards adding Ryzen 3000 support right out of the box. Directly on the box to the motherboard will be the inscription AMD Ryzen Desktop 3000 Ready. At MSI, the updated boards differ from the previously released boards with the inscription MAX. These are the recommended motherboards for the new Ryzen processors.

What chipset is needed for Ryzen? It all depends on the motherboard and the specific processor model. The compatibility of Ryzen 3000 processors with all motherboards on AM4 was already understood. Motherboards with high-quality power components perform well even with third-generation Ryzen processors.

Is it worth taking the X570 chipset

It is really better to choose a more expensive motherboard based on the X470 chipset than a budget – X570. If, for example, you need all the features of the 4th generation high-speed PCIe, then you can’t do without this chipset. It is worth remembering that these boards are hotter, power consumption and the temperature of the system as a whole are higher.

An image of the compatibility of all generations of processors with certain chipsets was published in the vast. First-generation Ryzen processors are not supported on X570-based motherboards. Conversely, the very first motherboards with AM4 do not support the new processors. Some manufacturers guarantee compatibility, but still not worth the risk.

Now it will not work to buy a top-end motherboard, with the hope of installing a first-generation processor in it. Although since the AM4 socket is there and there, it will become, but it will not work. If you are thinking of updating, first choose a processor that will be enough for your tasks. After which it is already possible to look towards the motherboard.


It’s good that on official sites you can find data on the compatibility of the motherboard and processor. This greatly simplifies the life of an inexperienced collector. You can choose one from ready-made PC builds for games 2020 . Although the process of assembling a computer is a very crucial step that requires preparation.

It is not easy to understand which chipset is better to choose for a particular processor, and to know much more. If you are not quite good at computer assembly, feel free to ask! This will help you save not only money, but also a lot of nerves.