Globalization has affected most parts of the world and today people are suffering from one or another health-related issue. Poor growth of hair, rough and dull skin, many hazardous disorders is some of the major issues that are bothering every one irrespective of the geographical location. So, it is time to use natural products that are obtained from plant and its various parts and the essential oil is one of them. Some oils are also extracted from seeds, nuts and kernel and termed as Carrier Oils. Today many Organic Carrier Oils Manufacturers are supplying these oils in varying quantity that can be used for different purposes.

One of the major applications of natural essential oil is in the field of Aromatherapy.

In this, carrier oils play an important role where it is used for diluting essential oils. Basil olive oil, Grapeseed Oils, Jojoba Oils and many others Organic Carrier Oils in India are high in demand. You can use it for diluting essential oils. Interestingly, carrier oils are known to enhance the healing power of essential oils, making it more effective upon application.

You might be wondering as what is the need of adding carrier oils to essential oils? Is it just for diluting natural essential oils? The simple answer is ‘NO’ as it is also used for a number of reasons. Loaded with many nutritive and therapeutic properties, this naturally extracted liquid is high in demand. Carrier oils, when added to pure and concentrated essential oils, prevent irritation on the skin when you apply the oil. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to buy suitable carrier oils from the authentic Organic Carrier Oils Suppliers and mix it the specific organic essential oil for effective result.

Those who ever have the plan to buy or use natural essential oil, should also be aware of the other side of the fact what will happen if they do not mix carrier oil to the concentrated essential oil? Below are mentioned some of the possible problems that one might get if carrier oils are not added to essential oils:

  • On applying 100% Pure and concentrated natural essential oil on the skin might cause irritation on it, leading to undesired impact to the skin.
  • You may suffer from allergic reactions if undiluted essential oil is topically applied on the skin. This will not let you use same essential oil second time on the skin for any other reason.
  • Being concentrated in nature, organic essential get evaporated shortly and you will not get maximum benefits from it. Also, you will be surprised to know that these oils emit gas when the bottle is open and the oil comes in contact with air.
  • Natural essential oils are concentrated in nature that does not get spread easily on the skin if used for the massage purpose. Adding suitable carrier oil to essential oil will help in even distribution of essential oil on the target skin area.
  • Be very careful when using essential oil without carrier oil for ingestion purpose as it may cause irritation to esophagus and mouth.

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