Studying English, joining the gym, jumping on the healthy food bandwagon … the New Year is full of good resolutions. And surely many of you have also decided to improve order at home.

After all, surely you admit to feeling stress or anxiety when you lose something or find it difficult in need, according to the Ikea study order and time. A study that also reveals that we waste about 5,000 hours of our lives looking for things.

So if this 2020 is determined to give your home a change, here are several useful and practical changes that have told us about and that will help you get your home in order. If you want to outsource the house maintenance you can do it as well. But it’s better to maintain it by yourself that is the key.

Get Rid Of Everything You Don’t Use

We know it: we have our houses full of things that we never use. The human being accumulates by default, filing cabinets and drawers without a solution of continuity. And also, the more space we have, the more things we store.

If we want to keep our house in order, to get rid of all those belongings that we do not use and making our house a mess. Create a new year resolution to do a thorough cleaning and get rid of what you do not use such as clothes, bathing products, or ornaments, etc. It is time to throw away and donate to make room and clear.

Categorize Everything By Priorities

Once we’re done with getting rid of things that are of no use. We’ll try to prioritize all the things that we need on a daily basis. Or we can say we need to figure out which items are of more importance, to avoid wastage of time.

For example, the clothes you have put on this last New Year’s Eve, the ones you only wear on special occasions, or the ones that are out of season can be stored on the upper shelves in a box, or under the bed. You can also bet on vacuum packaging bags.

Group By Families And Compartmentalize

To maintain order, dividers for drawers, boxes, and baskets are essential since they are very practical solutions that will help us find everything the first time by making the most of the space.

A very practical trick is to use symbols and colors in the boxes that we use for storage since at a glance they help us to order faster and to have our things better located.

Take Advantage Of Every Corner Of A House

Analyze your house and think if you are making the most of all the corners. Surely studying space well, there are more holes than what appears. If you don’t have a couch on the bed, get some transparent boxes to take advantage of the gap underneath.

Or bet on multifunctional furniture such as a footrest with storage for your living room to store things that are always scattered around the room such as blankets, extra cushions, magazines …

Create A Place For Everything

It seems like a no-brainer, but we don’t always stick with it. If each thing has its place, we can save it again after using it instead of leaving it in the middle. Get furniture with drawers to store keys or things that you always leave lying around, or a shoe rack to place in the hall or hallway.

How To Deal with Quarantine Situation with the Home Order Maintained

The quarantine declared in the framework of the State of Emergency to stop COVID-19 has forced us to stay indoors. Although the measure seeks to prevent the pandemic from continuing to spread, families are still concerned about the safety of their homes as law enforcement agencies are focused on enforcing the immobilization order in the streets.

The concern and desperation of some families to get food have led citizens to think that citizen insecurity could be reactivated through looting in shops and robberies in houses that could be well supplied with food and necessities.

5 tips to keep our homes safe for the remainder of quarantine:

Greater attention with the doors: Most of the intruders enter through there. It is essential to double-check if it was closed correctly, it never hurts to take an extra look at it. Also, there are no holes to allow for prying to force it.

Protection for windows: If we live on the first floor, it is imperative to have bars to prevent access through windows. However, in recent years we have seen “Spider-Man” thieves climb to the highest floors, so we must protect our windows in all cases.

We can secure them with closures that prevent their easy opening, and if to open them they slide horizontally, we can use a bar or a wooden stick inside to act as a stop on the rail. Another homemade option to protect sash windows is to drill the frame and drive a long nail into the hole to serve as a stop.

Be careful with delivery: In these quarantine circumstances, we have to resort to delivery services for food or basic services such as gas. Before letting in or opening the door to a stranger, it is essential to ask for their documentation. Always be alert without being rude is the key.

If it can be prevented from entering your home, it would be optimal, also, verify that they have the appropriate uniform that helps their identification and that they do not have a suspicious attitude.

It does not hurt to distrust: If we do not wait for the arrival of delivery, it is not advisable to open the door to any stranger, even if they are uninformed and/or accredited. When committing robberies or scams, criminals pose as salespeople or technicians from electricity, gas, or telecommunications companies to gain access to homes, often forging documents.

We’ll all agree that it’s the ordering of your house that makes your life easy and your mind relaxed while you’re back home after a stressed routine. It’s essential to oversee the current pandemic situation as well without disturbing the order of our home.