Nano coating or ceramic coating for cars is like applying a second skin on your car’s body to protect it from scratches and dirt marks. You might have splurged on a brand new car, but no sooner you hit the roads do you start noticing dust and grime taking a toll on its sheen. Even a bump by a shopping cart can result in a nasty long scratch. You need to take the car frequently to car washes or the mechanic for touch-ups and regular cleaning.

A nano ceramic coating can reduce this hassle by more than half as your car body repels many foreign particles from sticking to it. Here are some reasons for considering it.

1. Colour Protection

Since ceramic coating involves using nanotechnology, it forms a beautiful and invisible layer of protection on the car body that protects the colour. Try to look at any car without this coating- you will find that the colour has turned dull in a brief span, and the natural glossy finish is all but lost.

This is primarily due to the sun’s UV rays hitting your car and robbing its grandeur. The tangerine red is not red enough, and the blackest black looks like a dull shade of deep grey. The colour of the car body is one of its biggest appeals, and the ceramic coating can help you protect it.

2. Dirt Repellant

As soon as you take your car out for a drive, the body is going to be affected by the dust particles on the road. If it has rained recently, you are bound to notice sludge marks on the body even after a short drive.

Bird droppings, rainwater dripping down an unwashed car are some other factors that contribute towards dirt sticking on the car surface. And once it has managed to hold on fast, it can be a very difficult, time-consuming, and labour-intensive exercise to get the dirt off.

However, since ceramic coatings use technology to turn the car body hydrophobic or water repellant, these foreign particles hardly get to stick to the surface. It creates a semi-permanent bond with the car’s body and not just repels dirt and dust but also the onslaught of harsh chemicals from detergents or other sources.

3. No Need for Waxing

Waxing is also a good way to protect your car’s body surface, but it hardly has any long-term effects. If you are a frequent driver, the wax will have worn off in a matter of a few months. Taking your car to the service centre for a coat of wax every couple of months is unnecessary wastage of time and money.

It is a far better idea to invest a little more and opt for ceramic coating for your car, which will protect your car’s body for a couple of years. You do not have to worry about scratches or the paint chipping off now and then, and your car would retain its brand new finish for much longer.

With nano-ceramic coating, your car stays cleaner for longer, and even if it does manage to attract dirt- which it always will in some capacity once out on the roads- it will be much easier to clean the surface. Maintaining your car will be a very cost-effective process, and hence, you should consider this procedure for your car’s wellbeing.