With the increase of population and popularity, the chances of facing thefts every day increases. Thefts, break-ins and mugging are not uncommon in many cities, irrespective of their global safety index. These are more prominent in the case of businesses catering to customers. These B2C businesses see thousands of footfalls every day, if not more. Small thefts and ‘misplacing’ of items are daily affairs. Hence, security camera installation can be of immense economic benefit. Security cameras and video surveillance are proving to be extremely beneficial for businesses and homes to boost security.

6 Benefits of security camera installation

Opting for security camera installation often leads to privacy concerns and there are limitations to areas which should be devoid of surveillance. When it comes to businesses, these concerns are secondary to security concerns. For example, retail stores and supermarkets see frauds that cost them well over $40 million every year. That is a huge loss as compared to any other industry. While it is illegal to have security camera installation in washrooms and trial rooms, ensuring that trial clothes are limited to 3 makes security checks manageable. Any business that has physical stores will benefit greatly from installing security cameras. Commercial camera security systems are designed specifically to protect your business against shoplifters and burglars. They also provide around-the-clock protection for your employees.

Top 6 benefits are

  1. Prevents vandalism – vandalism does not have to be solely for vendetta purposes. Sometimes it is misdirected and often it is an act of a statement made by a rebel group. But with a property which has millions invested as property decorations and products, shop owners are constantly scared for their store safety. With security camera installation this gets reduced to a great extent.
  2. Overall security enhancement – having strategically placed cameras within the shop premises ensures shoplifting is reduced. Most ‘accidental’ shoplifting happens when the security camera installation isn’t placed in areas with the greatest footfall. Once this is addressed, the overall security of the shop and the establishment owner is increased tremendously. It also helps to solve problems related to theft, punctuality, or productivity, your security camera can offer you the solutions.
  3. Prevents internal thefts – more than outsiders, it is the employees who cause the most damage to the store. Be it cash or in kind, but an estimate of 37% of thefts especially in retail store occurs due to dishonest employees. Having security camera installation in storerooms and directly over cash registers prevents these thefts.
  4. Customer safety improves – often customers get manhandled by employees or other customers. The accidental touch does happen, especially during peak shopping seasons. Thefts from fellow customers’ carts and bags aren’t unheard of. With proper security camera installation, these issues are addressed. When customers are assured of their safety, they will visit the store more which will increase the revenue of the store.
  5. Outdoor safety enhances – crimes outside the shop premises are not uncommon. Many customers have reported robberies and mugging problems when they are about to get into their car. Shops which have car parking facilities opt for security camera installation as ensuring customer safety will mean better business for them. Security system installed in company parking lots and outside the physical building record the outside suspicious activity and allow company security officers or others to ensure customers and employees can safely reach their car.
  6. Improves the shopping experience – having a video record of the daily activities of the store gives a good idea about the behaviour of the employees, the customer experiences and the proper functioning of the store. False claims by employees and customers are weeded out when recordings are present. When people know they are under surveillance, they tend to maintain social decorum. This improves the overall shopping experience of everyone.

Improve your business with security camera installation

When your business is taking flight, investing in a proper security camera installation will make sure you are well connected with every aspect of your business. This also reduces the cost of hiring extra security personnel and also monitors productivity. When the security cameras are higher in features and have astounding clarity along with audio recording might cost an establishment more but the overall benefits of security and profits will outshine that cost any day.