When you write with a high quality pen, there is certainly a sense of purpose and comfort which builds up till a period of time. However, once its ink gets over, a sense of disappointment tends to set in at times, and you start missing the pen’s smoothness. But what if you had reliable ball point refills to tide over the above problem? If you purchase versatile pen refills from a reliable source, you will be able to get the same comfort once again.

Which ball point refill will be suitable for you?

While you look to order ballpoint pen refills, it may seem challenging to find the right kind of refills for your pen. Fortunately, the reputed online stationery mart will have Library pages on which you will be able to match your pen with the best refill. As a general rule, you will find refills for almost every ball point pen at these marts. Several brands which sell ballpoint refills allow customers to customize their writing experiences with different widths and colors.

A great time to write

Considering the presence of the Corona pandemic in 2020, it is a great time to write about different subjects on paper and restart the habit of writing in the conventional way. With the advent of computer and smartphones, most people have almost forgotten what handwriting seemed like, once upon a time. But the pandemic sure seems to be a good time to start the practice of writing letters once again. Imagine how happy the receivers of such letters would be.

Of course, it goes without saying that you will require ballpoint refills to keep penning down such letters. There are many individuals who have stored old letters in a box, which evoke several memories every time they are looked at.

Writing hand written letters is one of the best ways for thanking those who are fighting the virus at the frontline of the Corona pandemic. Also consider it as an excellent idea to write to the residents of elderly nursing homes as well as others who have been shut inside their homes for several months, which includes the people living away from their families. In fact, it is time that emotions such as kindness and compassion are able to score much higher than materialistic possessions.

Stay away from social media

These days, especially during the pandemic, we see a number of people venting out their frustrations against society or the government on social media. Instead of causing unnecessary chaos, such people would do well to load their pens with ball point refills and write their points on paper. The advantage here will be that there is no rush to upload a viewpoint before other online users, which means that you get more time to think about your points.

History of the ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pens are so often being used and are available at such affordable rates that most of us rarely say the word “ballpoint”, and instead refer to them as pens. However, an interesting aspect worth mentioning here is that despite its popularity, it has been relatively late to arrive on the scene. Though originally patented by US leather tanner John Loud in 1888, the pen never managed to see the light of day. Thereafter, it was not until 1943 that production of the ballpoint was started by Laszlo Biro, a Hungarian journalist.  

Even though the pen at this time still faced leaking issues, it was very convenient for pilots as it did not leak at high altitudes. Marcel Bich, the co-founder of Bic pens, was the one who brought this pen into everyday use, and not only did he solve the leakage issue, but also managed to bring down costs. He paid Laszlo Biro a royalty on the patent in 1952 and soon started mass production.

Ballpoint pens replaced fountain pens

Now there are two ways to look at the above statement. When fountain pens got replaced, it meant lesser people had to worry about getting their hands soiled while writing. Also, students back in the days found their fountain pens suddenly drying up right in the middle of an exam. The only disadvantage is that handwriting standards have now gone for a toss, and cursive handwriting has been successfully buried underground.

Most individuals in the 1990’s and earlier would have found themselves working hard on their cursive handwriting skills in middle school. The experience of writing with fountain pens has now been reduced to nostalgic memories, especially the ones where ink was sprayed all over the bench while trying to make it work. Yes, it did have style and elegance, but it certainly lacked the versatility and convenience of the fountain pen.

Speed and convenience are the most important aspects of work today, whether in print or in the digital medium, and that is why you need ballpoint refills to remain in the game.