Are you using Google Adsense? Tried almost everything but struggling to make money from adsense. If yes, then you should check out this article. In this article, I have shared the three important factors for increasing adsense income. In the absence of these factors, all you techniques will not work and thereby you will not make good money from your adsense account.

Next, you can call these factors as prerequisite for making money from Google Adsense. So, what are we waiting for? Let us start discussing these three important factors below.

Web Traffic on your Site

Your website traffic is the first important factor for making money from Google Adsense. You will more money if your blog get more traffic from online.

None of your adsense tips will work if you don’t have any traffic on your site. Just imagine, if no one visits your site then how you will make money from it.

Even for checking whether your techniques are well enough to increase your adsense income or not, you may require good enough of traffic to check it.

A good traffic on your site, will increase your ad impression and as well as adsense clicks. If more number of people visits your site then there is the higher possibility that you will get good number of clicks on adsense and hence you will make more money from your adsense account.

Next, the source of traffic also plays an important role in making money from adsense. Traffic from western countries like USA, UK are more valuable as compared to developing countries like India, Pakistan etc.

Hence, before using any techniques to increase adsense income, attempts should be made to increase website traffic from western countries. Once you start getting traffic from the western traffic, you will start making money automatically from the adsense.

Above the Fold Ads

The next important factor in the list is ‘Above the Fold’. If your ads are not appearing above the fold then there are the lower chances that it will get noticed by the users and thereby will get adsense clicks.

It is obvious that the ads appearing on the top part of the screen will get more number of clicks as compared to ads appearing at the bottom of the screen.

Hence, if you want more number of adsense clicks then try to place your ads on the top of the screen above the fold. This will increase number of clicks on adsense ad units and thereby you will make good money from adsense.

Similarly the ad placement also plays an important role in making money from adsense.

In simple language, the placement which gives more number of ads is very important factor for making more money from adsense.

Pro Tips: Please make sure your ads are complying adsense policy if you are using ads on the top of your screen. Next, please double check mobile screen in this case and ensure the placed ad is not taking up the whole screen on your mobile. This is because if your ads take place the entire mobile screen then it is non-compliance of adsense policy.

High Paying Keywords

If everything is in place and still you are not making money from adsense then this could be the reason. This is because your content is not good enough to attract high paying ads on your site.

It’s a known fact. If you do not use high paying keywords in your article then it will not attract high paying keywords and thus the CPC (Cost Per Click) rate will be very low and you will get paid low amount for every click received.

So, start using high paying keywords in your article and sit back to see the magic. Next, if you are getting enough traffic and if your ads get noticed by the users then you will surely make a huge amount of money from adsense.

Check this article on ‘Keywords Research’ to find high paying keywords list for your blog posts.

A Complete Guide on Keyword Research

That’s all. The above three factors are very important to make money from adsense. In the absence of above factors, no technique will work and you will end with no results.

Hence, no matter what techniques you are using. If you don’t implement the above three factors then it will not work.

At last, if you face any problem in implementing above three factors or in increasing adsense income then feel free to contact us through below comment box. We will be happy to help you.