The t-shirts happen to be one of the most versatile and staple casual apparels that is available today.

Their popularity has remained unscathed over the years and today, more and more people are trying to showcase their sense of aesthetics and style through these.

So, irrespective of whether they are graphic designers or fashion designers, most people, nowadays, want to display their creativity through the t-shirts and herein comes the need of the right t shirt design tool that helps the common and amateurish consumers to design the t-shirts of their choice.

Therefore, t-shirts, proffer a way to represent one’s thought process instead of just being a means to make a fashion statement.

So if you are thinking of designing your t-shirts, here are some of the things that you should take into account.

  • Take Your Time to Decide a Concept – You should sketch the t-shirt designs and create variations. You must go through a complete process of brain storming. Eat, sleep and again start brainstorming. This is a comprehensive process and you should leave no stones unturned to ideate a concept that you really want to portray.
  • Go for a Great Colour Scheme – At the time of designing t-shirts, you should keep the colour contrast in mind. This implies you have to contemplate regarding how specific ink colours would look against lighter or darker background. Usually dual shades are most recommended to be used for a bright t-shirt design. There are certain colours of ink that look great on a lighter and those that are most vibrant with darker backgrounds. Their looks may also differ significantly when viewed on screen and when printed. At the time of using a lighter coloured shirt, see to it that you don’t use pastel colours for the designing. This is especially the case when you are thinking of putting a logo on the t-shirt. This is because it must be visible from a distance. You can also use darker colours to put a border on the letters written in pastel for a better effect. The darker coloured shirts look great with lighter pastel colours. But when using the darker shades for designing like maroon, cardinal or forest green on darker shirts, be careful. These colours may look fabulous on screen, but when printed the ink can get distorted and the t-shirt may lose its charm.
  • Pop Culture Images are a Hit Today – Pop culture images really are quite popular, and these include a broad number of resources like comic book characters, cartoon or action or even game heroes. Once you start using the t-shirt design tool you can have plethora of options. Moreover, you can also use images saved in your device for designing the t-shirt of choice.
  • Try to Keep Things Simple Though Detail is the King – The meticulous details and the great designs are something that are appreciated almost always. The well-implemented designs always attract the onlookers, but simplicity is what steals the heart. The classic designs bear testimony to the fact that the simplest t-shirt designs are the ones that are most popular. They also deliver the message in the simplest way and hence you may struggle to deliver a successful design if you go for anything more complicated or in between.
  • Don’t be Afraid to be Funny – The main characteristics of a company and its visions are the first things that come to the mind when designing a company logo on a t-shirt. The design is challenging but it does not bear the creative nuances. But it is not a banner that you are designing. The t-shirts allow you to be creative and funny even with company logos. Remember that the t-shirts are free to use jokes in the design and you can add black humour in moderation for enjoying yourself.
  • Ensure Depth – At the time of designing the t-shirts, you should try and add some depth. There is a plethora of ways to do that. The complementary fonts are one of the easiest methods. But keep it in mind that you do not need to use a variety of fonts for this. You can just choose 2-3 different fonts from the t-shirt designing tool provided with the ecommerce platform that you are shopping from. These fonts can assist you to add layers to your designs. The fonts should vary in weight and size.
  • Learn to Use the T Shirt Design Software – In order to design the t-shirt that matches your desire it is imperative that you get used to the t shirt design software that is utilised by most ecommerce companies because of a plenitude of advanced options and designing tools along with a very simplistic user interface offered by it that makes designing a breeze for the customers. So you should learn to handle it correctly in order to make the most of this tool. You can access easy tutorials available and design the t-shirt that you like without a major effort on your part.

The above are some of the ways to design spectacular t-shirt designs with t-shirt design software. Now you can flaunt self-designed t-shirts and make heads turn wherever you go without investing massively or toiling hard. No doubt, this is becoming an inexorable and booming trend that is destined to flourish more in the upcoming days.

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