Mobile users have grown to billions in the past year. It became a convenient device that people can use and bring wherever they go. Therefore, it is often the choice of many. With the increasing numbers of mobile users, we also witness the increase in the rise of mobile apps created and downloaded.

These mobile apps became an integral part of human lives, aiding them in their day to day living and bringing quick solutions to problems. Since these apps are useful to many, and people’s demands for it increases, developers are quick to come up with innovative and useful apps. Some developers are even creative enough to make apps that are unique, entertaining, and eye-catching mobile app designs.

Now with all these apps that needed to be created in order to supply the demand of users, app developers must work hard to create more. With all the work they will be doing, they need tools to help them come up with the next mind-blowing app for users.

We share with you 10 tools developers of mobile apps must use to make their creation easy.


Xamarin is one of the most popular mobile app tools used by most developers. It brings a lot of advantages to the creation of an app. Xamarin is a native app developer for iOS, Android, and Windows applications.

It runs with the common .NET language used by developers. Xamarin’s other features are allowing a large amount of local data, offline mode, and image recognition.

This tool produces apps with fewer bugs, and it has a faster time in the market. This, therefore, brings a well-produced app and great user experience.


Coming from the word accelerator, this means apps created by developers with this tool is easy and quick. The process of creating an app with this tool requires a few lines of codes.

Appcelerator is similar to Xamarin, in which it allows the creation of apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and a browser with HTML-5 application.

Appcelerator’s Titanium tool allows the invention of native and hybrid apps.

Other features of this tool are:

  • Increase speed on the development of the app
  • Private and on-premises deployment
  • High cloud capacity


This is an open-source tool under the category of cross-platform app. PhoneGap is a free mobile app development tool that works to build apps with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web API.

It allows developers to extend the app’s functionality due to its plug-in architecture, and users of this tool can save a lot of time when creating an app.

Other features of PhoneGap are:

  • Works on all platforms
  • Flexible due to its open-source nature
  • Has a diverse team of developers to make the workload light


Ionic is another open-source tool for the creation of hybrid apps. It is free, and it has an HTML5 framework.

This tool can also be used to build native mobile apps and progressive web apps. It’s easy to use, and developers will find it easy to learn to manage this tool as it will not take most of their time. Ionic makes work easy with its single codebase.

The tool is free but can upgrade to its premium packages which begin at $42 per month.


Another software that can help make the creation of wonderful mobile apps is the JavaScript framework Sencha. This tool has great features for the easy creation of apps

Sencha can be coded into HTML5 format, and this can also be translated using the tool PhoneGap, which was mentioned above.

It can create apps that are compatible with Android, iOS, and Blackberry. Moreover, apps created with this tool are faster and friendly. It increases the responsiveness of the app, which would also lead to a better user experience.

It has a free plan, but to maximize its feature, you can begin by using their paid plans which starts at $1200 per developer per year.


Another great software to try when creating an app is Parse. This tool focuses on the back end development of an app. This means that developers spend less time on the back end as it will be managed by this tool faster.

Parse allows apps created by it to store data and push notifications to allow users to download the app. It also allows users of the app created in Parse to share it in social networks.


If you are planning to create a mobile app with videos, Unity is one of the best tools to use. This software helps developers to create an app that will give a good user experience.

Developers who want to create apps with Augmented Reality should use this tool. This will provide a great 2D or 3D content that users of the app will enjoy.

It also allows developers to include a video ad into the game without causing any interruption to the users of the app with their Unity Ads SDK.

Corona SDK

This tool can be used to produce a 2D app for iOS, Android, Kindle, and even desktop apps for Windows and OS X. It is a cross-platform framework that can create gaming apps and more, and easily publish it on multiple platforms.

Other features of this tool:

  • It is free
  • Open-source
  • Produces great performing apps due to its hardware-accelerated features


Flutter is an open-source software used to create mobile, desktop, and web apps.  It is easy to use and allows the creation of apps for multiple platforms. Flutter also helps developers to make native apps quickly and with widgets.

This free software allows developers to create apps faster and deal with bugs or fixed it to give users a great experience and security.


This tool is used to create apps for iPhone and IPad, using the IgniteMarkup language. It is easy to manage even with minimum knowledge of XML. Developers can add some push buttons and ads when creating an app. It has a cloud-based and template-based design to have options when creating content.

Mobile app software developers can use the tools mentioned above to create a great interface and user experience. Some other tools they can try are Icenium, Tabris, RgoMobile, Xcode, and more.

There are hundreds of software tools for developers to choose from to create a great app. These tools even have a specific usage, such as when creating mobile apps for games, businesses, or other industries. Also, it provides easy ways for developers to manage the creation of an app with the help of the support these tools include in their package.

As we are in a new decade, we are going to see more software that will aid in the development of a new mobile app that might even go viral.

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