The Google’s owned android technology, with high tech equipment is arguably one of the best consumer pieces in the history of technology. All over the world, the android tablets and mobiles phones are used excessively by the people and they love it. The need for tracking android cell phones and other gadgets is continuously increasing. The next level technology has made it possible that a number one spy app BlurSPY present on the web allow spying on these android phones. Being compatible particularly with android, this software work easily on them. In this post we will discuss that why and how people choose to track android without being detected.

Importance of spyware apps for parents

Mainly it is parents who want to track the cell phones of their teens. They want this to know about the whereabouts of their children. Knowing the whereabouts will help the parents to figure out if their children are involved in some inappropriate activity or if and when they are need of help. Parents also want the access to the data present in their children’s smart phones. This too is wished for to keep a full check on the activities of their off springs to prevent them from falling into wrong worldly conducts. Getting access to their children’s messages, calls, browsing history and the monitoring of other social media sites help the parents to keep their kids on the right path.

Importance of spyware apps for employees

Next on it’s the employers that want to keep an eye on their employee’s activities with Android spy app. They too wish to stay hidden though. The company owned gadgets and smart phones are the main source of employers keeping a check on their employee. The employers most definitely do it to protect the company from dishonest, lazy and disgruntled employees. They do it for the sake of increased productivity of their company as well as their business and privacy protection. The inappropriate activities on social media can put the reputation of the organization at stake whereas an insider getting their hand on the data of the company in an unauthorized manner may put the protection of the organization’s business at stake. It also prevents the employees leaving the workplace without their boss’s consent.

10 ways to detect an android phone

The BlurSPY app is an amazing application specially built for android. This application will help you track android phones of your children, employees or teens. This will not make the user aware of the fact that you are tracking their android gadget. And The 10 ways to detect an android without getting detected include.

1.   Subscribe the application

You get information about the android through email but for that you need to subscribe to this application. Through this application you can record and get access to surrounding sound of the phone. You can also live screen record. You can call record and can track texts sent or received through installed social media sites.

2.   GPS tracking

The great feature in it is the is the GPS location tracking. Through this you can get the android’s location history and you can also use the map to mark prohibited and safe areas.

3.   Email monitoring feature

The email monitoring feature is one more important app to get your hands on if you plan on fully tracking the android phone. This application will help you to monitor the Gmail sent/received mails. It will also allow you to read the email content.

4.   Message reading feature

The message reading feature it will totally allow you to control the texts, call and internet of the target android. You have access to blocking calls and messages plus internet in any emergency situation.

5.   Browsing activity feature

The browsing activity feature will allow you to get access to the browsing history, live browsing, get information about visited sites and additionally even bookmark sites.

6.   Live screen recording feature

This feature will allow a clear-cut live view of what one is currently going through on their phone. This may allow parents and employers to catch the person red handed doing the prohibited activities.

7.   Call recording feature

Call recording feature are also present for androids particularly. This feature allows the tracker to go through the previous call list, and live call of the person. This will save the kids from getting harassed, falling into trouble or moving towards the wrong path. In business cases this will prevent the employees from leaking company’s secret information.

8.   Screen recording feature

Screen recording feature is also available for android. These features allow the tracker to take one or multiple phone screen recording at once and hence easily help the parents or employers to keep a track on the android user.

9.   Location tracker

The location tracker is also available to track ones one. This feature although is not the same as the previous ones. This one is mainly present just to track the phone if it gets lost and will not be hidden from the android user.

10.  Google photo

The Google photo is another great method to find your lost phone. For this although the goggle account should be signed in and if the phone is snatched or lost the phone will take photos of the surrounding and send it to your Gmail account.