Lifestyle apps have become a major part of our lives in a few recent years. A lifestyle app is basically an app that provides support to the areas of life that contribute to making your lifestyle improved. These mobile apps are typically related to fitness, food, interior design, music, dating, and travel apps.

The interesting point in these apps is that once the user makes them the part of their life, they are likely to stay there for a sustaining time period. People turn on these apps on a daily basis to get a ride, play music, find restaurants, or order food. These apps help users enhance their lifestyle with depending on what they like and dislike.

Developing a lifestyle app requires something more than a simple solution but something that engages the user to another level. It should be something that awes your users with wonder and something that your competitors don’t do. A Software development companies Houston  should add their efforts to a lifestyle app if it is enough engaging for users and they become addicted to it.

Some examples of Lifestyle apps include Spotify, Tripadvisor, and Uber.

Here are five lifestyle app that can bring a major improvement in your lifestyle. There are many applications that can be downloaded specifically to maintain a well-organized lifestyle. Downloading these apps and getting a hand on them can actually change your approach towards your aims, personal resolutions and short and long-term goals for a diverse range of aspects of life.

These apps can make it easy to manage minute steps towards your goal, help you keep a record of your progress and assist you to plan effectively in future. From your weight loss journey to your travelling dreams, you can find an app for every personal objective that you want to work on but cannot figure out a way to organize and plan it.

  1. Moovit

There is so much in the Moovit app that makes it favourite among the users. This app allows you to keep track of all public transport wherever you are. Moovit is an app like an advanced form of a travel planner and it helps the user to reach from a spot to another by using their favourite form of transport. If you love to travel and use public transport on a frequent basis, you can get this app to make your life easy and improved.

Download the Moovit App

Find it on the Apple App Store: Moovit

Find it in Google Play Store: Moovit

  1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a perfect solution for those who find it difficult to stick to their fitness goals. The app helps one track their food intake, keep a count of steps and their exercise sessions, regularly. Also, it connects people to a community who shares their fitness goals, supports them, provides them with functional advice and keep them motivated altogether. The app does not only assist those who clearly know their fitness goals and just need assistance for keeping a track, but it is also useful for users who seek a goal for themselves that they can work towards. All they need to do is to provide the app with their information and the app will come up with a personalized goal, accordingly. MyFitnessPal is a popular app on both app stores. The app contains 4.7 stars rating on the Apple App Store and has 4.6 stars rating on Google Play Store. The app is available to download for free on both stores. Download the MyFitnessPal app

Find it on Apple App Store: MyFitnessPal App

Find it on the Android Google Play Store: MyFitnessPal App

  1. SwiftKey

SwiftKey is a smart app that helps its users gradually maintain a fast regulated electronic communication system. First, it works out your typing style and your selection of words that you use while formatting your emails and messages. Then, it gradually comes up with features that quicken up your email compilations and messages. This can save up lots of time of its users and it also can reduce any chances of missing out important etiquettes for professional e-communication via messages or email.

Download the SwiftKey App

Find it on Apple Appstore: SwiftKey App

Find it on the Android Google play store: SwiftKey App

  1. Foursquare City Guide

Travel enthusiasts would find Foursquare City Guide App great support for their foreign trips to new, unknown places. The app can help them explore different towns and cities and keep track of their visits. The app also has a feature that lets users create a wish-list for the places they want to visit. They can also lookup eateries, entertainment outlets, malls and other fun spots that they can visit in a certain city or town. The app has a community of travellers from around the world who leave tips, positive reviews, ratings and specific recommendations to help each other have more meaningful travelling experiences.

Download the Foursquare City Guide App

Find it on Apple Appstore: City Guide App

Find it on the Android Google play store: City Guide App

  1. ShopWell: Better Food Choices

If you are a diet conscious person who is not good at understanding nutrition labels and finding foods that will suit your diet plan, Shopwell can assist you to shop and eat what is good for you. You can put all the information related to your diet including your dietary goals, dislikes, desired nutrition scores, health concerns and allergies and the app will read the nutrition labels of the food that you will scan through it to let you know your scores. It also recommends suitable foods, helps one locate grocery stores to find healthy food and so on. The app is available for free on app stores. This app has 4.7 stars iPhone rating and 3.6 stars android mobile app ratings.

Download the ShopWell app

Find it on Apple Appstore: ShopWell app

Find it on the Android Google play store: ShopWell app