The number of mobile users in the last year alone has already surpassed the number of desktop users. As we stepped into a new decade, the digital world will be centered more on mobile users, and every trend of technology include a mobile-friendly interface.

Mobile users increase each year as people demand things that are convenient to carry around. It’s easy to do research, use social media, and communicate with others when using devices that are handy. Hence, there is no doubt people prefer mobile phones over desktops.

Although there are still benefits of desktops, and there are features of it smartphones don’t have, we will be seeing more mobile users in the future.

Among mobile users, the Android market has more customers than iOS. However, iOS users are slowly increasing, and last year sales increased to 24.44%, while the sales of Android decreased to 72.35% in the closing of November.

Despite the increase in iOS sales last year, Android phones are more common around the globe, and this only means that Android phone users experience more cyberattacks.

One of the reasons why Android phone users experienced more cyberattacks is because of the lack of security on their phones. People often skip acknowledging that their mobile needs protection too. Hence, here we give you mobile apps that will ensure the safety of your phone and the important information in it.

Best Antivirus and Anti-malware apps for Android Users

Avast Mobile Security

Avast is one of the leading brands of antivirus software in the market. Now that they have also developed a mobile version of it, it becomes helpful to a lot of mobile users.

This security tool has a free and a paid plan, with minute differences in its feature. For the free plan of Avast, it offers a malware scanner, firewall, and it can block unwanted callers. Another free plan feature is anti-theft. It can lock Android users’ phones when it goes missing. These simple features are what makes Avast as one of the best free security apps for Android phones.

Its paid version offers features like no ads, in-app locking, camera trap, and more.

Download: Free, Premium at $2.99 per month.


Similar to Avast, AVG is also one of the best apps used to ensure security in mobile phones. It has great features seen in Avast and other apps too, but there are also features unique to it. AVG offers a free version and a paid plan too.

Features of AVG that users might enjoy are the following:

  • In-app lock
  • WI-FI scanner
  • Kills unnecessary apps working/ battery draining apps
  • Anti-theft
  • Takes picture of a person who attempts to open the phone
  • Lockdown feature when SIM change
  • VPN for secure surfing
  • Blocking calls
  • Power saver
  • Photo vault

This app has a 14-day trial with features of a paid version.

Download: Free, Premium at $2.99 per month

McAfee Mobile Security

One of the best mobile and computer antivirus software to be developed is McAfee. It has established its name a long time ago and has proven its ability to protect users’ mobile and computer.

The mobile app of McAfee has excellent features such as battery optimizer, anti-theft security, tracking of the lost device, and wiping the memory of a lost phone. It also blocks websites that have malicious content.

The app has tutorials on every feature of it since its pro version is a bit complicated.

Download: Free, Premium at $2.99 per month

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky app for mobile offers a free and paid version. The free version has features like virus and malware scanning, call and SMS blocking, anti-theft, and blocking of malicious sites.

For the paid version, the app includes real-time protection, anti-phishing, and in-app locker. Users of this app can experience the premium feature for 30-days free.

Download: Free, Premium at $14.95 per year

Norton Mobile Security

Norton has one of the strongest names in security protection. However, the disadvantage of this app is that it cost a little bit compared to other security apps.

The free features the app offers are incredible and helpful for users. It detects malware in apps and automatically deletes it. Aside from malware removal, it also removes spyware and viruses present. It also has an anti-theft feature, and it can be locked remotely when the device is lost.

Download: Free, Premium starts at $14.99 per year

Sophos Mobile Security

If you’re looking for a completely free app that offers features seen on a paid plan, Sophos is the one. This antivirus app allows users to set a daily scan, lock apps with password, call blocker, multi-factor authentication, block illegal websites, and more.

The advantage of this app, aside from feature similar to paid plans, is that it has no annoying ads. It is an ad-free app with no payment needed.

Sophos also allows Android users to connect with a safe WI-FI connection.

This app won the AV-Test award in 2015.

Download: Free

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender is a lightweight app that scans devices using cloud technology. Hence, it doesn’t drain your mobile’s battery, and it is fast. However, it requires manual scanning of the device. Any new app added on the device, however, will be automatically be scanned by Bitdefender.

It also offers a paid plan, which allows users to try it for free for 14 days. The paid plan has features such as real-time protection, anti-theft, web security, app locker, and malware scanner.

Download: Free, Premium at $14.99 per year

With these best antivirus apps for Android users mentioned, it’s time to choose which one you think works best on your phone. As we enter a new decade, we will encounter many threats and cyberattacks. That’s why it’s always best to know why you need to install this security app on your phone and what it can do to protect you and your data.

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