Indonesia has seen the rise of a new super app that aims to be an all-in-one platform for the country’s over 270 million residents. Garuda App, launched in 2022, brings together e-commerce, financial services, travel bookings, and more under one roof. With its slick interface and wide range of offerings, Garuda App is poised to become indispensable to many Indonesians.

Overview of Garuda App

Garuda App is an Indonesian technology company that has developed a super app inspired by the successes of platforms like WeChat in China. The app aims to be the leading one-stop destination for digital services in Indonesia.

Some of the key features and services of Garuda App include:


  • Online marketplace connecting users to merchants and brands
  • Ability to shop, pay bills, and more within the app

Financial Services

  • Digital wallet and payment processing
  • Peer-to-peer payments
  • Remittances
  • Micro-investing and lending


  • Flight and hotel bookings
  • Ride-hailing
  • Bike and car sharing


  • Messaging and voice calls
  • Video conferencing


  • Music and video streaming
  • Live events and movies
  • Games

Founding and Funding

Garuda App was founded in 2021 by Edwin Yusron, who envisioned bringing super app functionality to Indonesia after being inspired by platforms like WeChat.

The startup has raised over $12 million in funding so far. Key investors include East Ventures, AC Ventures, TRIVE, and BRI Ventures.

With this funding, Garuda App has quickly expanded its offerings and userbase within Indonesia.

Growth and User Statistics

As of early 2023, Garuda App has been downloaded over 5 million times on Android devices alone. It has over 1 million monthly active users.

The app has seen rapid adoption, especially among younger demographics in Indonesia. Over 75% of users are estimated to be millennials and Gen Z.

Garuda App is currently only available within Indonesia, where it aims to serve the country’s fast-growing middle class and digitally savvy youth population.

Features and Offerings

Garuda App brings a diverse range of digital services under one platform. Here are some of its key offerings:

GarudaMart Online Marketplace

The GarudaMart e-commerce platform allows users to shop for groceries, electronics, fashion, beauty products, and more. It features products from local Indonesian brands as well as international ones.

The in-app payment system allows for seamless checkout and transactions. Users can also opt for cashless QR code payments.

GarudaPay Digital Payments

GarudaPay is the app’s digital wallet and payment processing service. Users can top up their wallet, pay utility bills, send money to contacts, pay in-store using QR codes, and more.

Peer-to-peer transfers and cashless transactions are facilitated in real-time through the app.

GarudaTravel Booking Services

Garuda App offers flight and hotel bookings, ride-hailing, and other travel services through its GarudaTravel platform.

Users can search, compare, and book flights, hotels, and activities all within the super app itself. Partnerships with transportation providers like Gojek provide ride-hailing integration.

GarudaGames and Entertainment

To provide entertainment options, Garuda App offers GarudaGames with hyper-casual games and access to music and video streaming platforms.

There are also options to purchase tickets to movies, live events, and attractions through the app. Gamified features aim to boost engagement.

The Path Ahead for Garuda App

With its all-in-one functionality and sleek user experience, Garuda App has quickly emerged as a top contender in Indonesia’s booming digital landscape.

Moving forward, the app has tremendous room for growth as it expands its offerings, integrates more partners, and acquires more users seeking the convenience of a super app.

Key opportunities include:

  • Expanding financial services like lending, investments, and insurance
  • Growing brand partnerships across commerce, travel, and entertainment
  • Developing more social and communications features
  • Launching in other Southeast Asian countries
  • Exploring tie-ups with other super apps regionally and globally

If executed well, Garuda App could very well succeed in becoming indispensable to Indonesians and providing immense value to consumers and businesses alike. Its continued progress will be an important development to watch in Indonesia’s technology sphere.


In a relatively short period, Garuda App has made remarkable progress in becoming Indonesia’s homegrown super app. By providing e-commerce, financial services, travel, entertainment and more under one platform, it is positioning itself as an essential daily app for Indonesians.

Backed by strong funding and driven by an ambitious team, Garuda App reflects Indonesia’s rapidly evolving digital ecosystem. While competition will be fierce, the app’s focus on understanding local users’ needs could give it an edge. Its growth journey mirrors Indonesia’s own economic and technological changes.

If Garuda App manages to scale up smoothly, integrate more partners, and continue enhancing its user experience, it could very well succeed in making itself indispensable in Indonesians’ daily lives. Its future trajectory will have meaningful implications for Indonesia’s internet landscape and the success of homegrown platforms in the country.


Q: When was Garuda App launched?

A: Garuda App was launched in 2021 by founder Edwin Yusron and has rapidly expanded since then.

Q: How many users does Garuda App have?

A: As of early 2023, Garuda App has over 5 million downloads on Android and over 1 million monthly active users.

Q: What services does Garuda App offer?

A: Key services include e-commerce, digital payments, travel bookings, entertainment, and more – making it an all-in-one super app.

Q: Is Garuda App available outside Indonesia?

A: Currently, Garuda App is only available within Indonesia, where it is rapidly gaining users. It has not expanded internationally yet.

Q: What does the future look like for Garuda App?

A: Garuda App has major growth opportunities by expanding services, partners, and reach. If executed well, it could become indispensable to Indonesians and a leading super app.