Spy apps for Android are used to keep an eye on the device of the person you have installed it in. It is as if you are invading someone’s privacy and this is why this act is illegal. Android spying apps are the ones for the people that are looking forward to know the activities performed by the target user. They want spy on their teens, to their spouses and most probably on their employees with their consent or without the element of taking consent. However, the android phones are gadgets are being tracked by the intelligence agencies and they also use their own developed android tracking software.

On the other hand, parental control software is legal. Because it provides such assistance to the parents to keep an eye on young kids, tweens and teens cell phones, tablets and pads. Parents can secretly view what the kids and teens are doing on their devices and gadgets to the fullest in real-time. Parental control is actually developed for digital parenting or to set parental control on kid’s gadgets. It further empower parents to protect teens from all the nightmares they may encounter with such as cyber bullies, cyber stalkers, sexual predators and last but the least the obsession with online world among youth.

Reasons to Avoid Spy Apps

The amount of time kids these days are spending on their mobile phones or other devices is increasing rapidly according to the statistics. Parents can’t keep a check on their kids 24/7 which is why parental control has become necessary.  There are a lot of apps out there but which ones are good choices? Almost all the monitoring apps will seem to be the same for a person who’s new in the business but this isn’t so. Spywares allow you to have access to someone’s private activities performed on their particular device which can even cause chaos in the future. Even if it doesn’t, nosing into someone’s personal space isn’t something a wise person will do and app slogans like “Catch your cheating spouse with Spy app” proves why.

Spywares being illegal is another reason why parental control app for android is a better option. Along with being illegal they make sure you’re aware that they have no responsibility towards a user so if you get caught and get into trouble you are the only one responsible for it.

On the other hand, children monitoring apps are made solely for your child’s safety in a world where cybercrimes, abuse and bullying is at its peak. It can only be used by parents or guardians of the child.

 Chaos Developed by Android Spyware and its Solutions

If you do install Spyware on your child’s device, with all its advantages it will have its disadvantages too. Some of these applications not only provide you with your child’s information but also to a stranger that might want to hurt your child. Moreover, Androids aren’t safe when it comes to their operational system. You can’t take risk when you know that children these days have more private and personal information in the form of data on their mobile phones than they have on their laptops or PCs. Here are some signs you should be acknowledged of so that you can be aware if the spyware has gotten into your child’s Android device:

  • Unusual device behavior- automatically lighting up, making random noises, rebooting on its own and shutting down randomly.
  • Low battery life-your device’s battery power drains sharply without any significant reason.
  • Huge data usage- large amount of data is transferred.
  • These signs don’t ALWAYS mean there is someone tracking your device but you should be aware because there might be a chance too.

Some ways to get rid of this issue is to install an anti-spyware app, delete the app your ambiguous about or go to your setting and perform a factory reset but its major disadvantage is that you’ll lose all your data saved in the device.

Here I compared spy apps for Android with parental monitoring software to prove that to keep your child on a safer side and still keep an eye on him/her, using the latter will be a better option.


The android spy app and parental control software seemingly do the same things. But it differs when it comes to their work done. Android apps are for secretly spying apps for android and parental control apps are for setting parental control on young kid’s devices for effective parenting.