In today’s ever evolving business world,video conferencing continues to be one of the most efficient ways of business communication. Large and small enterprises are using the technology to keep their employees connected as well as hold virtual face-to-face meetings with business partners. For many businesses,VoIP web conferencing has become the best option due to its effectiveness and comparatively low costs.

VoIP-based web conferencing is a way of holding meetings over an IP data network. It could be on your internal network or the internet. This is the major attraction of web conferencing VoIP – reduced costs since communications don’t have to be carried over a communication company’s network.

Requirements for a VoIP Web Conference

The most crucial requirements for VoIP are a camera and sufficient bandwidth. A T1 line or its equivalent,or a DS3 line can be used if you plan on holding lots of meetings via video conferencing. Supported browsers include Firefox,Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Providers also offer additional products to optimize IP traffic for VoIP.

Benefits of Holding VoIP Web Conference

1. Reduced operating and traveling costs

Cost saving is the biggest advantage of web conferencing especially for small businesses. Instead of stressing cash flow paying for employees’ travel expenses and conference halls,businesses now use VoIP capabilities to link up meeting participants. The cost savings can be used to grow the core business of the enterprise or improve its profitability. And though the cost of communication is reduced,the effectiveness of communication remains uncompromised as participants can interact almost as if they were in the same physical location.

2. It facilitates face-to-face meetings

Face-to-face interactions enhance communication and it’s the desire of any business to have in-person meetings when discussing the most important matters. However,planning for and carrying out meetings in physical locations all the time is uneconomical for a growing business. VoIP web conferencing delivers all the benefits of face-to-face meetings,such as non-verbal cues which make over 90% of communication,experts say. Face-to-face meetings also provide an environment that helps participants to create long-lasting relationships.

3. Increased employee engagement

For many small enterprises,maintaining employee engagement is an uphill task. Utilizing video conferencing features like screen sharing helps employees to stay alert and focused on the discussion. Studies have shown that video conferencing increases employee engagement significantly and this translates to better performance at work.

4. Enhanced productivity

VoIP-based web conferencing is considered as one of the technological improvements that have enabled employees to be more productive at work. The improvement in team messaging software has graduated meetings from the simple concept of “talking heads” to more productive sessions where documents,media and other forms of information are shared and discussed immediately. These capabilities fasten the decision-making process and the business is in a better position to maintain its competitive advantage.

5. Enhanced security of business information

Just as any other IP-based communication method,VoIP web conferencing is more secure than traditional forms of communication such as email or phone calls through a provider. Security enhancement is done through the VPNs and Secure Sockets Layer,which limit who can overhear or participate in a conference stream. The information being shared is,therefore,safe from external parties,some of whom might want to use it to the disadvantage of the business.

Best Web Conferencing VoIP providers

Some web conferencing VoIP providers like ezTalks offer free plans to ensure that even business that are on a tight budget benefit from video conferencing. The plan gives you an ample chance to begin your search for the most suitable online meeting service for your business. Free plans are often limited by the available tools and number of people who participate in a VoIP web conference. For ezTalks Meetings,for example,the limit is 100 participants but you can hold an unlimited number of instant or scheduled meetings,each meeting being up to 40 minutes. HD voice and HD video is supported as you broadcast via your Mac,Windows,iOS,Android and Browser. Desktop and application sharing is also offered. It allows participants to view whatever the presenter puts on their screen in real-time. Large groups can be provided with documents and information quickly and effectively. Other features of the free starter plan include recording and playback,private and group chat,and co-annotation on shared screen.

For larger businesses,however,the limitations of the free plan may be an issue. The paid plans provide more tools and capabilities and allow larger numbers of people to participate in one-on-one meetings. When selecting an online meeting service and plan,focus on what’s important for your organization. It will be easier to decide which plan provides what you need out of the web conferencing VoIP service.


Time and again your business needs people to come together and in a business world that’s getting increasingly sophisticated due to current trends such as globalization and e-commerce,there’s a need to look for the most efficient and effective methods of communication. VoIP web conferencing technology provides innovative functions that allow a business to cut business costs,enhance interactions,improve productivity and ensure that business information is kept secure.