Adobe After Effects is used globally by designers, animators, and artists for rendering, animation and enhancing video content with quality effects. While the software itself has exceptional features on its own but if you merge it with third party plugins, the performance of After Effects is enhanced further. You are not only able to make your workflow steady, quick and effective but it changes the entire experience of animation and rendering.

The year 2019 has brought many changes and upgrades in Adobe software programs so After Effects could not have been set aside. Some people tend to rely on a separate animation maker to add animations in After Effects but some exceptional plugins already include the options of refining animated content.

Here are some of the latest upgrades and additions to the list of Adobe After Effects plugins for 2019.

Plexus 3

Made by Rowbyte Software, Plexus has now been recognized for its use for specific styles or workflows. This plugin itself is an effect that can be added to your project file in Adobe After Effects. As for what this plugin is able to manipulate, those who use it should know it could be used for a lot more than the simple manipulation of lines. If you compare it to its previous versions, you will find out that it is more honed and polished.

Shadow Studio

While After Effects has similar features but creating shadows from scratch is going to consume a lot of your time. For that reason, Shadow Studio exists that lets you create shadows at a relatively lower cost. Using other similar tools is going to cost you a lot so it is better to stick to cheaper alternatives. For only $18, you are able to speed up your workflow by creating shadow effects and simulations quickly.


Created by one of the notable creators for After Effects plugins, Saber is free as compared to the other plugins and products made by Video CoPilot so it was surprising to know that such great features for Adobe After Effects could be able for free as well. As for what this plugin does, it is mainly used for adding lighting effects to your videos or any other form of visual content.


Datamosh is the best selection for adding glitch effects to your videos. The glitch effect is already trending in logos, videos, and animations so you can use Datamosh to make the most out of this current trend. To add this effect you first have to make duplicates of the frames using the options in the plugin. The more duplicates you make, the better it becomes to add the glitch effect into your video.

Nodes 3

Mainly used for rendering and creating 3D elements, Nodes 3 also has a lot more to offer. You can also make highly complex and abstract imagery through Nodes 3. Your canvas will be a 3D space and you can gradually add the elements that you want to change into a 3D format. However, Nodes 3 can only be availed if you have a Mac since it is still not available for Windows users.


Some After Effects only support a certain operating system but Lenscare supports both Mac and Windows. When you want to add more depth and bring the video out of focus that is when this plugin is usually used. To adjust or add more depth, the DoF tool can make adjustments to a 3D visual or animation as per your requirements. As for reducing focus, the OoF tool allows you to blur the video or graphics accordingly.