Are you facing difficulties in understanding the prices of different hearing aids? Basic prices of hearing aids are difficult to quote, as more than 900 + different hearing aids are available in India. At the moment, prices range from ₹ 24,900 for a basic device to ₹ 2,74,900 for a premium hearing aid. However, which is best for you as many factors, your hearing loss, personal needs, your lifestyle, expertise, family involvement, etc. We will be happy to talk with you and you will find assistants who can help you listen to who fits your lifestyle.

Overview of price categories

Hearing aids depend on the level of technology currently present. Hearing aids are divided into three main categories, premium, mid-range and basic. The information below gives you a brief overview of the type of technique in each category of hearing device. Whether it is a premium, mid-range, or basic device, all our hearing aids are digital and provide excellent quality sound. They all understand optimal speech as well as lack of response and background noise.

So, how will you know which type of hearing aid for choosing? There are two main factors to consider, the level of strength and technology. People need adequate hearing aids to match the auditory impairment level. If a person has severe hearing loss, then power or superpower hearing aids are most suitable. If a person has an active lifestyle, such as working in a crowded, noisy place, then he needs a device with excellent noise reduction technology, which makes it easier for many people to listen, listen Should have automated microphone technology with the help of

To know more about the prices of hearing aid technology and hearing aid, you can read the information given below. This information can help a person to decide what a hearing aid is chosen. Remember, the most important factor in choosing a device will be the level of hearing loss and hearing requirements. After a thorough hearing examination by a Partner Audiologist, one would understand which hearing aid will best suit them. Then, with a small subset of a device, a hearing aid can complete the comparison of the value.


Premium hearing aids cost from ₹ 1,54,900 to ₹ 2,74,900. They offer the best technology for your ears! Powerful technology makes the best of speech in premium hearing aid and strengthens the conversation in crystal clear sound. Premium hearing aids can also deal with the most difficult hearing situations. You can talk to your friends at the local coffee shop while people talk to you around and still listen to your friends! While hearing aid microphones focus on talking, Hearing Aid also reduces background noise. This combination of amplification and noise reduction gives a pleasant listening experience. The cost of premium hearing aids is high, but there is so much value! These hearing aids give you the best sound experience and the greatest comfort.

Key features include:

  • A wide range of style and color
  • Multimedia app if desired for example TV or cell phone
  • Automatic adjustment to various listening environments
  • With the most advanced technique, hearing aids provide 360-degree hearing to help people orient themselves in their surroundings.

Brief introduction:

Signia Pure Nx

The Signia pure Nx is maybe the best hearing aid available. The versatile hearing system provide both hearing and wearing comfort. The directional microphones allow you to understand every word while the background noise cancelation fades out loud distractions. Additional features like the HD Music Program bring back the beautiful sound that you once enjoyed.


Mid-range hearing aids cost from ₹ 52,900 to 1,29,900. Mid-Range Hearing Aids includes technical characteristics to increase hearing comfort. Speech is automatically recognized and enhanced, and annoying background noise is terminated. The “directional hearing” feature ensures that the sound source is localized and their status is kept in mind in the sound reproduction of the hearing device. Some hearing devices also play TV or telephone sound directly. Take advantage of:

  • Wireless connectivity with external audio sources
  • Speech recognition and enhancement
  • Effortless directional hearing

Brief introduction:

Signia Insio primax

Signia Indio primax stands for a natural hearing experience. It is comfortable to wear and with its modern design, this hearing aid is almost invisible to others. special electronic memory supports a more precise adjustment. On top: The integrated tinnitus noise makes effective tinnitus treatment possible.


Entry-level hearing aids cost from ₹ 27,400 to 36,900. These hearing aids will provide the basic relief you need from hearing loss.  if you spend a lot of time at home then a basic hearing aid is quite effective. However, more active people will need more sophisticated hearing aids.

Key features:

  • Modern digital technology
  • Hardly any feedback
  • Multiple customizable hearing programs

Brief introduction:

Signia Orion

Signia Orion is a reliable and easy hearing device that will still improve your hearing significantly. It is ready to use a product with self-learning. That means, it even gets used to your typical environment and remembers your favorite settings for these situations.