Today, the number of websites continues to rise in giving people assistance to handle their electronic files more efficiently. A few years back, it was a great challenge for everyone to deal with so many files on their computer or smartphone. It could be the electronic files used at work, business, or leisure. However, nowadays, you can manage your electronic files with so much ease and convenience.

Many people are accessing different websites for their file needs, but there’s one that has earned the confidence and trust of most electronic file users, and that’s GogoPDF. It’s a free website with a set of online tools and offers technical assistance to people who experience different challenges with their files. Here’s a list of various helpful online tools of GogoPDF that you should start using to manage and organize your electronic files most efficiently.

Online File Converter

The first on the list of GogoPDF web-based tools is the file converter. This online platform offers different file conversion services. If you want to have a fixed and more reliable copy of your Word documents, you can use its online Word to PDF converter. If you also have PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, you can also convert them to PDF in no time.

Moreover, for important PDF files that you wish to keep for many years in your file storage, you can easily convert them to PDF/A format to preserve your PDFs’ quality and integrity. If you have other files you want to convert to other formats, you can visit the GogoPDF website to check the available files for conversion.

Online PDF Merger

One of the challenges most PDF users have encountered is the proper PDF file organization, especially if they have tons of them in their file drive. It’ll be pretty much frustrating to see your PDFs cluttered on your device’s screen. Hence, you should start using the PDF merger of GogoPDF to help you make your file folders well-organized in your computer folders.

Using this online tool, you can combine two or more PDFs and save them in one PDF file. That’s why if you have particular PDF files you always use at work, you can merge them together in a single file. The same thing goes with other PDFs in your smartphone storage or computer file drive.

You can employ a helpful way of file classification for your PDFs and merge them into the same category. By doing so, it’ll be so much easier for you to locate, access, and open a particular PDF file you currently need for your project or an on-going task. Hence, you’ll definitely be having much time and effort.

Online PDF Password Protect Tool

You might have heard different stories from a lot of PDF users worldwide about their files being accessed and used without their knowledge. In these cases, the information your PDFs contain might be at risk. That’s pretty alarming, and you need to take action to avoid these things from happening in the future.  

Good thing that the list of online tools of GogoPDF includes the PDF password protection tool that you can also use for entirely free. The tool will let you set up a secure and strong password in your PDF files. You only have to create and personalize one that can’t be easily decoded by anyone who wants to access and retrieve them without your authorization.

You can incorporate different characters. It could be capital and small letters, and you can add a few numbers and other symbols of your choosing. When you’ve successfully encrypted your PDF files, make sure to personally share the password to people you’ve personally given permission to access your files.

Online Unlock PDF Tool

Encrypting your PDF files is the best way to protect them from any possible instances of unpermitted file access and use. Besides that, setting up a password is quite necessary, especially if your files have sensitive and valuable data that shouldn’t be shared with anyone. However, if your PDFs only contain basic and general details and information, a security password seems unnecessary.

Moreover, if you also tend to forget the password, accessing these encrypted files will somehow give you a headache. Because of this, password-free basic and general PDF files will work best for you, and GogoPDF has this specialized PDF unlock tool you can also use for free. This online tool will remove the password you’ve set up in your PDF files in a matter of a few minutes. That’s how fast the password-removal process is using the GogoPDF platform. Hence, with the newly decrypted PDF files, you can quickly open them without worrying about providing any incorrect password moving forward.


Managing electronic files has never been so easy without using the right tools. Hence, the list of online tools above will surely give you immense help in handling your files the right way. In fact, you can find many other helpful tools on the official website of GogoPDF. If you still experience different struggles in dealing with your electronic files, don’t ever forget to explore this platform’s great potential to make you effective and efficient with file management and organization.