In terms of electronic appliances, Samsung Mobile is one of the oldest and most renowned brands. In terms of smart phones, Samsung is already the market leader. The Samsung Galaxy Series is one of the most popular smartphones worldwide. Samsung is leading all other Android brands with its updated technology, stylish design, and durability.

The S, A, J, and Note series of Samsung mobile phones never fail to impress their fans. From the top to the bottom, customers can find a wide range of phones based on their needs, preferences, and choices.

It is nearly impossible to discover fresh features on the latest smartphone due to the continuous evolution of mobile technology. Not so with the Galaxy S10 series. The latest device in the Galaxy line boasts a host of lesser-known features, along with a number of notable innovations (Wireless PowerShare, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner, and Ultra Wide Camera lens). Here are ten advanced features the Galaxy S10 developers have selected to make users’ lives easier.

Jump to Your Favorite Apps Securely

App shortcuts on the lock screen of the Galaxy S10 line offer convenience and security. The enhanced feature enables you to keep apps pinned to your lock screen secure by swiping your finger across them while scanning the QR code. To open an app, simply swipe your finger up to an icon from the fingerprint sensor, and then the app will open. You can access your most frequently used apps directly from the lock screen without compromising on security in situations where you need quick access.

Its FIDO Alliance-certified anti-spoofing technology ensures vault-like security with its in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. With the fingerprint scanner, you can now take advantage of a top-notch security feature while launching your favorite apps efficiently and securely.

One-handed Mode

What have you ever done when you can’t use your phone with one hand, and something important in the other? In the middle of cooking, have you ever noticed that only one of your hands is clean when you check the recipe on your phone? Due to the edge-to-edge screen on the Galaxy S10 line, users have to regrip their phone or use their other hand to reach up to pull down the notifications bar. With the enhanced ‘One-handed mode’ on the Galaxy S10, that is no longer a concern.

Activating this feature is as simple as swiping up from the corner of the screen (with ‘Gesture Controls’ enabled) or tapping the home key three times. When activated, you can view a miniature version of your display, which puts even the features at the top of your display easily within reach. To bring your display back to full size again after using one-handed mode, tap the black rectangle next to the downsized screen.

Battery That Lasts a Long Time

It wouldn’t matter if you had a shrink ray or turned lead into gold; without juice, your smartphone would be useless. A larger battery is most likely to last you longer at the end of the day, but there are ways to boost the battery life of your gadget.

One of the most powerful batteries is found in the Droid Maxx. This battery can run for over 48 hours. With a battery life of 12-16 hours, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus is still well behind the Maxx.

Hide Apps and Files

The Samsung Galaxy comes with an application called Secure Folder that allows you to hide apps and files. Think of it as a safety deposit box on your phone. Using the Secure Folder, you can hide certain apps or files that can only be accessed by your fingerprint or password. Located at Settings > Biometrics and security > Secure Folder, this app is easy to find. By adding apps and files to the Secure Folder, you can keep them private and secure. To protect the contents of the folder, the phone may automatically lock it and automatically lock it if it detects rooting or ROM.

Use Two Apps Simultaneously

The Samsung Galaxy can run two apps simultaneously on a split-screen, which is another advantage over the Apple Phone. You can see two apps simultaneously by tapping the Recent button on the navigation bar, tapping the round icon above the window, and then choosing the Open in split-screen option. Once the app is pinched to the top, you can select one of the other apps on the screen. 

An Excellent Camera

Enterprise teams often use smartphones to quickly capture and share images and videos, and a high-quality camera system makes this process much more efficient. For example, a wide-angle lens would allow your team to capture all the information and images they need from a meeting and share them with their colleagues before the meeting is over.

When remote colleagues have crisper photos and videos, they can see a clearer image of what they’re collaborating on, whether it’s the project site or event venue. If everyone on your team is working from a distant location, a higher degree of visibility will make coordination of complex tasks easier.

A 5G Network That Maximizes Mobility

Business landscapes today are rapidly changing, and business success depends on adaptability. You should be able to work from anywhere with your midrange smartphone. With the Galaxy A32 5G, A42 5G, and A52 5G, you can stay productive while on the go as they all feature high-speed 5G cellular connectivity. 

Unlocked phones allow your employees only to connect to Wi-Fi rather than to cellular data, so that you do not need a cellular connection. As a result, you could save significant money, while maintaining full access to your mobile apps and workflows. In all of these cases, your total cost of ownership (TCO) can be lowered while vendor lock-in is avoided, and budget flexibility is maximized.

 Final Words

It can be difficult to figure out which is the best business Smartphone for your needs among so many affordable options available. Depending on your needs, you can quickly find out which smart phones won’t meet your needs based on factors like storage, display size, camera quality, security and flexibility. You can rest assured that your company has made a smart technology investment when you select the right midrange Smartphone.