A good mouse is to PC gamers what a good gun is to a gunman cowboy. How much should a mouse cost? Should it be wired or wireless? Next, you need to know how to get a mouse for your gaming computer. Three tips will help you get started.


The first thing to know is that a gaming mouse works just like a normal mouse. You can use the same boring mouse that you use on the League of Legends desktop, and you can use a gaming mouse to do anything.

What gaming mice offer that regular mice don’t offer are additional input options and adjustable sensor sensitivity. You don’t need keyboard shortcuts for normal desktop tasks, and you don’t need precise precision to navigate Slack. Gaming mice are also generally ergonomic, as they are designed for long gaming sessions. Keep in mind that when purchasing a gaming mouse, comfort and feel were taken into account in the final design.

Some gaming mice have RGB lighting. It’s just for the show. If you’re proud of your setup and have made it for Instagram likes, you can get mice that glow in bright colors to keep the aesthetic. It does nothing for the actual performance of the games, it looks good.

1. Logitech G604

Currently, Logitech has what might be the best wireless gaming mice for $ 70. The Logitech G604 is a Ferrari-powered main battle tank. The fact that it is so comfortable makes it an irresistible option. The mouse comes with Logitech’s new HERO 16K gaming sensor, the “most accurate” sensor of which is the company. The G604 is amazing. Despite the lack of RGB lighting and a wired input, the G604 is one of the best options for whatever you play.


The MOTOSPEED has long been a fan favorite, and for good reason. Usually available for under $ 60, it’s a popular option for what you can do at a sub-primary price.

Mechanical keyboards are the first choice for all competitive gamers. Its short response time and special switches make it a powerful weapon for multiplayer games. But any computer user who simply likes to type may be in the keyboard market too – the wonderful clicking sound produced by keyboards has become popular everywhere.You can get Motospeed gaming mice on Bzfuture.com.

The size of the keyboards has been the main concern for low DPI mouse users, as well as people who just don’t have enough desk space. Most have dedicated macro keys and a numeric keypad that takes up a lot of space. To be fair, most users can do without a numeric keypad and not use the macro keys due to the way they are used.

Compact keyboards were designed for those who want a little more room to move and travel with their equipment. The options on the market are endless and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs.

Like Ducky, Motospeed has gained enormous popularity by providing the essential elements of a mechanical keyboard to anyone on a tight budget.

The 60% design makes the keyboard easy to carry. It can also be used with phones and tablets that have Bluetooth functionality. The keyboard has Outemu Blue switches, which are considered identical to the Cherry MX Blue switches.


The Logitech G300, an ambidextrous mouse, has some of the same features as the G604, but at an incredibly affordable price. With nine programmable buttons, 250 to 2500 DPI, and RGB lighting, the G300 is perfect for left-handed and casual gamers looking for something cooler and / or growing (and ranking) young players. A wired connection ensures that you never have to worry about battery life. Plug in the device and never stop, never stop.