How do you normally spend time with your family? Most of us would state having our loved ones near as one of the most important things in life. Yet, when it comes to actually being together we often face an awkward fact that there is not much we can do. Naturally, we all have different hobbies and energy levels. So when an occasion brings us together with our precious siblings, children and parents we bitterly notice that teenagers seem to have their phones glued to their palms and parents quite often fall asleep on a couch. Read About Pokemon Unite.

Is there a solution? Where does the compromise lie between ignoring each other and arguing what to do? The simplest answer may be spending time outside. Just grab some essential things and take a family camping trip to the nearest location. You just need some sleeping bags and a good cold weather tent to feel at home. Without WIFI, TV and couches you will all be able to get that valuable communication and get to know each other better. Do not think that this is only a good idea in summer, a cold weather tent or ice fishing hot tent can keep you warm even in winter. These campfire activities will help you make this trip unforgettable:

1. Sound Train 

This one is so simple that even the smallest participants can have fun. You need to sit together and choose a sound like «a» or «b». Then you take turns naming various words that start with this sound. To make it more fun you can maintain a rhythm by simply clapping hands. The person who can no longer think of any word must suggest a new sound. You can also come up with some funny punishment for those who lose.

2. I Went to The Market

Another talking game then requires nothing but enthusiasm. The first player says «I went to the market and bought (add something)». For example, «I went to the market and bought a banana». Then the next person says, «I went to the market and bought a banana and (add something)».  As people go on and on it gets harder to recall what everyone said in the correct order and those who make mistakes leave the game until only the winner is left. The winner can get a present or a privilege, for example, to choose the next thing to do.

3. Once Upon A Time

A person begins telling a story with one sentence. You can say, for example, «Many years ago there was an old house…». Then the next person should say another sentence to continue it without hesitation. The quicker you get, the funnier it gets. You can make the story scary if you want to create a spooky evening atmosphere and enjoy seeing your family creeped out.

4. Telephone

People gather in a circle and somebody starts by whispering a message into another one’s ear. That person then does the same, passing this message to the next person. When it comes to the last player, they announce it out loud. It is always funny to see how the original phrase has changed and this also provides a valuable lesson about rumors.

5. The Name Game

First, you need to choose what kind of names to work with – cities, animals or anything else. Then a person begins with saying one and the next needs to say a name with the last letter of the previous word. For example, elephant – tiger – raccoon, etc. As people get eliminated by not being able to come up with a new word in thirty seconds, a winner wins.

6. Twenty Questions

One person needs to imagine an object. Then all the other players take turns asking them twenty yes/no questions. They should guess what it is with only these twenty answers. If a player guesses the correct answer earlier, the game is stopped. This can also be played with famous people or other topics.

7. Two Truths and A Lie

A player needs to say three facts about themselves, one of which is a lie. For example, «I have a pet snake. My mother’s name is Watermelania. My friend is a rocket scientist». The other players then all make their assumptions about which one was a lie. If you get one right, you get one point. After one or few rounds players calculate their points and figure out who the winner is. This game is great for catching up with each other’s lives or getting to know each other a little better.

8. Fortunately/Unfortunately

The first player says something positive starting with the word «fortunately». For example, «Fortunately, I found a hundred dollars on the street». The other one then has to continue the story starting with «unfortunately». For example, «Unfortunately, they were from Monopoly». This game can go around forever and does not have a clear winner, but you can have a good laugh for sure.

There is very little space for games in adult life which is a shame given that games have proven to improve brain function and reduce anxiety levels. Regular playing can help you make creative decisions in your work and think out of the box. Your communication skills may also grow with these activities as well as thinking under stress.

Besides, most parents have trouble finding a fun way to help their children develop and grow whereas games can provide just that. You can learn animal names with your toddlers, teach them critical thinking and fast reaction while actually enjoying yourself in the fresh air.

Do not think twice before taking some time off with your family and having the rest you deserve. Camping can give you an exile you have all been longing for and campfire games can make you closer to the ones you love.