The mobile app market has been rising in the past year and a new genre of gaming has been introduced known as Battle Royale. If you are someone who games, you will be aware that games like PUBG and Fortnite spread like wildlife. People were obsessed with the games where you needed to survive amongst other players by using a lot of your brain. Many other Battle Royale games have been unveiled since then and Garena Free Fire is one among the first to be launched in the market. Just like PUBG, Garena Free Fire has also received a big fan base of around 350 million people from all around the world.

About Garena Free Fire:

Garena Free Fire is currently available for Ios as well as for Android phones. It is available for children above the age of 12 as it contains moderate violence. The game has been made by Garena International. The main aim of the game is to compete with 49 other players in a battle which lasts for 10 minutes.

The player can choose their character and then select the starting location of their game. They need to look for weapons and also stay in the safe zone. Players have the option to form a squad of 4 players and play among friends. There are a variety of weapons to choose from. Currently, the two maps that they have made available for their players are Bermuda and Purgatory.

Garena Free Fire’s comparison with PUBG and Fortnite:

Ever since the market has been filled with survival based games, people have wanted to know the best among them. PUBG and Fortnite have gained their popularity but we cannot deny the position of Free Fire. The game was actually unveiled to the public in late 2017 in different parts of South-East Asia. So, it is one of the first Battle Royale games.

The thing about Free Fire is that it is solely made for mobile gaming whereas PUBG and Fortnite do have PC versions as well. The game also takes much lesser space in one’s phone when compared to PUBG and Fortnite both of which take at least 1 GB of space. But that doesn’t mean that it compromises on its graphics.

Players can run Free Fire on their basic smartphones as there are no specific requirements for the lightweight game. This isn’t the case for PUBG or Fortnite. This has led to the popularity of Free Fire in a country like Brazil.

Free Fire is also trying to be location specific by including designs and pricing that are made for the targeted place. They even organize world championships for their fans as their popularity is rising.

The characters of Garena Free Fire are also quite interesting. On top of that, you start out with 50 players and have a time frame of 10 minutes which aren’t present in PUBG or Fortnite. So, in comparison to the later games, Free Fire is doing quite great in the market and it has made a fan base at those places where people love to play mobile games.