FIFA is built on the concept of earning coins that can help you buy your preferred players. However, if you are one of those gamers who want to make their teams around the best players in the market, the likes of Messi, then it is not so easy. Such players require lots of coins to unlock, which means that you must take some time before you can build an ideal side.

Some gamers will opt for buying FIFA coins. But, they use the method which is safe and cannot get their account banned. So, is there a way to get FIFA coins without spending a single dime? Here are the best methods you can use to get FIFA coins for free.

1. Complete Season Objectives

FIFA always gives gamers a chance to get free FIFA coins by completing daily objectives.

However, the best way to earn many coins is by achieving the end-of-season objectives. In FIFA 20, this is achievable since it includes a feature with a “battle-pass” levelling-up system. It means that you can now skip the most challenging tasks and still achieve the end-of-season objectives.

Most of the objectives for FIFA provide gamers with either coin bonuses or XP. Both rewards are useful for increasing your collection as a gamer. For example, you can use XP to unlock the feature that boosts coins.  It allows you to significantly increase the number of coins you earn for winning a game.

2. Earn Coins Through Division Rivals

Here, you may need to win enough games every week to finish high in the ranks. If you do that, Division Rivals give you three reward options; the tradable packs, the untradeable packs, and the coins.  While the former two sound tempting, the latter is more beneficial.

If you rank very high in the advanced divisions, you can earn around 15k to 80k coins, which is more than what you can get in the pack rewards.  Add that with the coins you get from FUT champion’s prizes, and you are looking at getting over 100k coins every week.  See? The packs are useful for SBCs, but coins are your best bet.

3. Be a FUT Champion

Why would you buy FIFA coins online when you can get them freely through squad battles? As a gamer, you should strive to win as many squad battles as possible to help you qualify for the FUT Champions. Here, you are guaranteed high rewards.

By participating in the FUT Champions and competing against other players online, you get the chance to win big prizes.  However, this is dependent on your ability to rack up as many wins as possible. The more wins you get, the more coins you earn. The good news for you is that regardless of whether you win or lose, you earn 400 points for every Division Rival game you play.

4. Leverage From Coin Suppliers

Sometimes, coin suppliers create giveaways from which you can earn by following their instructions. In most cases, they post these giveaways in their social media platforms, so the first condition is that you should be following them. Most of their terms for you to win are usually quite simple. For example, some will require you to share their posts, retweet, like, or comment.

You can also visit their websites to see whether they are offering such giveaways., for example, usually has a feature on their website where you can earn lots of free coins.

Beware! Some other fraudsters will try to exploit innocent gamers. Before participating in any giveaway challenge, always make sure that the site is official. Again, never share any critical information such as credit cards and bank account information.

Is It Safe To Use a FIFA Coin Generator?

If you play the FIFA Ultimate Team, you must have come across the terms “coin generators.” Besides, if you do a quick Google search on ‘free coins,’ you will come across many sites claiming to offer packages on free coins.

The sad thing is that many of these sites are not linked to FIFA. Therefore, you may be putting yourself at risk by using these sites.  Most of them are scams looking to steal gamer’s data or their hard-earned currency.

How Does This Happen?

Most of the sites will lure you from their official forum to another website with a bogus generator. Once you are on the site, you are asked to disclose your account details. Before you know, you have lost all your coins, or second-tier ones have replaced your top players.


The safest way to getting free coins is by playing many games and participating in various challenges, such as squad battles and Division Rivals. Also, shortcuts like giveaways from suppliers such as and coin generators may give you instant rewards.