Void elves (or Ren’dorei, “sons of the Void” in thalassian) are a race of Void-infused elves affiliated with the Alliance. His origins are found in the Sin’dorei Magister Umbric, exiled from Lunargenta and his followers due to his research on the Void. Who had gained dominion of the Void in Argus? Promising their allegiance to her and the Alliance, they established themselves as Ren’dorei.

The Void Elves seek to use their tremendous but dangerous powers to defend Azeroth and demonstrate that those who doubt or judge their abilities are wrong. They are based on Telogrus Rift. Ren’dorei’s appearance attracted other blood elves and high elves to his cause.

 Description Void elf’s

Many have tried to harness the evil magic of the Void. Most of those who tried have fallen into madness. Determined to use this power for Azeroth’s greats, Alleria Windrunner is the first mortal to defy the whispers of the shadows. Void elves always hear voices from the Void that seek to corrupt them, something they must learn to fight and control. This assault is relentless, and therefore the discipline needed to resist them is extraordinary. Voices say many things, from lies to actual items from a particular point of view, something that sounds true, and things one would like to be true.

History Void elf’s

The void elves are linked to two Thalassian elves’ experiences who came into contact with emptiness and power and whose convergence, kinship, and shared ideals would provoke the birth of the ren’dorei.

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Beyond the stars

While living with the army of the sun, Alleria Windrunner was attacked and infected with emptiness in the prison world of Burning Legion that had been deeply saturated by her energies. She was eventually fascinated by emptiness and finally learned of a mysterious ethereal named Locus-Walker, an incomparable master of the strengths of emptiness and a ruthless enemy of the Legion, who wanted to hunt, discover, and exercise the power of Void against the Legion. However, the main naaru, Xe’ra, strictly forbade him from trying. Alleria agreed to Xe’ra’s wishes but did not abandon his belief that emptiness, though built on chaos, could be a permanently used force.

Finally, during a brutal confrontation with the Legion, Alleria invoked the Void and annihilated the monsters gathered with his power before escaping through a dark gap with Turalyon. However, Turalyon, who had become one in sunlight, felt unbearable pain when he came into direct contact with her. Alleria, promising that she would never be his enemy, left through another portal and soon found herself on the planet Niskara, a prisoner next to the ethereal she had long sought: Locus Walker.

Alleria used the teachings taught to him by Locus Walker to repel his demonic attacker, and together they escaped. He emphasized the importance of control and sanity when the power of Void is exercised and spoke at length of the duality of the sun and shadow, how the sun could not see the whole of destiny because he alone is not responsible for it; Also, the shadow also can’t see the entire destination. He explained how the shadow sees sunlight as nothing but horrors, even when sunlight sees the shadow, and the path is neither right nor incorrect, how sunlight seeks away and avoids all others as lies, while the Void seeks all possible paths and sees them all as truth.

However, Alleria left his incomplete training after learning that Turalyon was in grave danger and left the kingdom of shadows after a short battle with his teacher, who told Alleria that they could meet again. Upon meeting with Turalyon, Alleria used his new void control to scare away his attackers and save his life, but even his plea for mercy could not stop Xe’ra’s trial.

When the Xenedar was knocked down, Alleria let go. During the battles on the draenei’s ruined home planet, Alleria realized the existence of the dark naaru L’ura, and the whose fallen state has become a creature of emptiness, was attracting the attention of the corrupt ethereal by emptiness. Alleria met his teacher again, who had come to find out the Shadow Guards, his people who had succumbed to the Void, were doing. Locus Walker offered Alleria the entrails of the dead void returner Nhal’athoth, which Alleria consumed. Farewell while keeping up with herself and her mind, the shadow would be her ally.

Inside the headquarters of the Triumvirate, Alleria faced L’ura. Locus Walker encouraged Alleria to use the ease of vacuum cracks that the darkened naaru was opening, and Alleria absorbed the essence of L’ura completely, making it a state of emptiness. Although the method changed it, giving it access to an empty shape, Alleria maintained that he was still aware of things, a person equivalent to what he had always been, but now something else. Alleria’s transformation and his bond with emptiness would soon be known to Azeroth people when he became the main void elf.

Exile from Silvermoon

Back in Azeroth, the people of Alleria had gone through many tribulations in their absence. The evil Arthas Menethil had gunned down the noble elves, their mighty kingdom of Quel’Thalas reduced to ruins, most of their people killed. The survivors rose from the ashes and named the blood elves after the deceased. The blood elves, sin’dorei, learned to deal with the Sun Fountain’s loss, rebuilt much of their kingdom, and even allied themselves with the Horde. His many trials included his prince’s betrayal of the Burning Legion. Still, along with his death and the grueling battle at the Sun Fountain’s resting place, an exhausted source of power was restored to the Sin’dorei, now a source of sunlight also because of the arcane. The Sun Fountain restoration was the primary step on a more prosperous path for Quel’Thalas, after several of the kingdom’s darkest days.

Umbric, a blood elf magister, decided that the Sin’dorei would never be prey to their enemies again. Convinced that emptiness was essential to the defense of Silvermoon, Umbric and his followers delved into it against the needs of The Great Magister of Quel’Thalas, Rommath. Finally, Rommath banished them, reasoning that anyone dealing with emptiness poses a danger to the Fountain of the Sun, and Umbric took his followers south to the Ghostlands to continue his investigation. He made a breakthrough after discovering the notes left by Dar’Khan Drathir, one of Quel’Thalas’s most vile traitors, who had sought the ease of emptiness long before selling his people to Arthas. While Drathir had not succeeded in his effort, he eventually abandoned his research after a failed plan to reach a world of vacuum-infused rupture that supposedly contained an element of world power, Umbric, which alone now admitted that Rommath may be right to oppose this course of study. – was ready to rest on Drathir’s findings and sincere thanks to the crack.

Umbric traveled to the empty world with his followers, now known as Telogrus Rift, which had long ago been destroyed by a world power being (possibly Sargeras himself). But the fragmented world lasted, strongly bathed by the energies of emptiness. Umbric had finally found what he was looking for: an ancient and powerful cube that would give his masters control over the shadows.

Return to Azeroth

Returning to Azeroth, Alleria faced several brutal truths, including her people’s AllianceAlliance with the Horde. Although the rulers of his kingdom had never maintained the loyalty to the Alliance that Alleria, he had come to feel Quel’Thalas had his membership within the AllianceAlliance under the rule of his former King Anasterian. Relations had only worsened since then, and he decided to ensure that Lunargenta was back on the side of the AllianceAlliance, and was sure that her people would fire the Horde if given the option. Called by King Anduin Wrynn to seek new allies for the AllianceAlliance, Alleria traveled to the City of Lunargenta to satisfy his former comrade Farstrider, who became ruler, Lor’themar Theron, the lord regent of Quel’Thalas, with the autumn of royalty. He presented Theron with a suggestion from Anduin, but Lor’themar was not receptive, regretting that Alleria had returned on a politically motivated mission and not out of affection for Silvermoon. Alleria asked if that’s how he really felt, or instead of his sister’s schedule, his war chief. Lor’themar then mentioned the consumption of Alleria’s emptiness, stating that his own words, tormented by the lords of the Void, were no more reliable.

Alleria, seeing that his offer had been “anticipated and rejected,” accepted his response and set out to depart, but made a final request: to be allowed to return to the Fountain of the Sun; it had been a thousand years, from his perspective, since he last saw it.

Rommath objected immediately, suspecting Alleria’s intentions. However, Lor’themar rejected it, stating that regardless of what she had become, Alleria was still a daughter of Quel’Thalas and that he would not deny her a pilgrimage to the holiest place of her people. Then Alleria accompanied the leaders of the blood elves as well as the night leaders. They simultaneously visited the Fountain of the Sun.

Alleria was overwhelmed by the excitement of seeing the well again and knew from Lady Liadrin that her energies had changed: the Sun Fountain was not a source of pure arcane power, but also Sacred Light, and it had been sunlight that now sustains her people. Alleria had noticed the change, but as he approached its waters, the plateau erupted into an empty corruption. The Beasts of the Void, attracted to the Fountain of the Sun by the presence of Alleria, invaded the table and were fought by all gathered. An invisible company appeared behind the curtain, apparently using the Void inside Alleria as a “vessel” to corrupt the Fountain of the Sun, and unleashed an empty horror upon it. Combining his powers with Rommath and Thalyssra, Alleria managed to close the void crack before a disaster could occur. Still, from the perspective of the blood elves, it had already happened. Rommath ordered Alleria arrested as sabotage, but Lor’themar interceded and instead banished Alleria back to Stormwind because his mere presence poses a danger to Quel’Thalas.

Convergence of shadows

Alleria ventured to the Ghostlands and looked for traces and traces that Umbric and his group had left behind. With each part that Alleria gathered, he acquired a better understanding and empathy for these elves, exiled and rejected for delving into the Void, as he had been.

He had arrived just in time for the ritual of opening the bucket. Umbric’s followers had dispersed through Telogrus and were hunched over to uncover their secrets. Umbric himself was honored to meet Alleria and had learned much from his ordeal in Argus and, therefore, from the shadows he had consumed. But as Silvermoon’s leaders looked at this incident with suspicion and mistrust, seeing only one possible threat to Quel’Thalas, Umbric agreed with Alleria and firmly believed that emptiness could be permanently controlled become a force. Alleria accompanied Umbric to the bucket location and warned him to be careful as he began the ritual to unlock his power.

Alleria managed to kill Durzaan. Although his minds and souls were still his, the Sin’dorei had been transformed by ritual: now, having consumed the Void as Alleria had done, they had also attained new powers as a dangerous susceptibility to their whispers. Alleria offered her help immediately, eager to help her transformed relatives understand and control their unique forms and capabilities. Umbric, apologizing for his arrogance, happily accepted as Umbric felt that Lunargenta had turned his back on him. His people, Umbric and, therefore, the void elves, swore allegiance to Alleria and the Alliance.

Alleria and Umbric became the first to adopt a replacement identity: the elves of emptiness, ren’dore in their mother tongue: sons of the Void.

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section refers to content associated with Battle for Azeroth. Under Alleria’s guidance, thanks to his teacher, Locus-Walker, the tutelage and instruction, the void elves made progress in mastering their nature.

Aspiring void elves are sent to Stormwind from Telogrus, powered by Alleria and Umbric; they have established a presence within the city. They meet Anduin Wrynn, who assures them they will never face the darkness alone because the Alliance supports them. Around him were more pitchers of noble elves.

Vacuum elves are not recruiting, but they are hospitable to those who share similar interests. His research has attracted other elves to Telogrus. Both the scholars of Lunargenta and the high walking elves arrived to review the Void paths and are trying to figure out if they will reproduce the first process that transformed the vacuum elves.

During the invasion of Zandalar by the Seventh Legion, a regiment of Umbria-led void elves, seeing the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and loyalty to the AllianceAlliance, would attack the dark Water Cartel’s mining operations in Zandalar to find and capture Jastor Gallywix. He is using his new powers to ambush the Cartel goblins by sending vacuum elf troops through the crack, as well as throwing the poster frackers into the endless Void.

Although their mission failed, they managed to discover the commercial prince’s lure and send him on the run, impressing the Seventh Legion commander.

Void Elf Names

Taline Highgleam Kedine Eveningforge
Terin Summerbringer Veleane Glowburst
Garrinis Longbirth Mamisa Violetfaith
Zarasara Phoenixcloud Filania Flaretrail
Metasia Silentswitch Eraraden Windpost
Azaelenne Evendreamer Daedine Highlight
Shaly Goldensun Zedrae Bronzefeast
Oliraden Keensense Mania Oddbinder
Olineda Starcloud Belema Evertwist
Zardel Ancientbeam Kanlonis Strongstrider
Lialeane Greatray Dardrin Coldspark
Kyrin Warmvale Velara Starhold
Onel Velvetstrider Aeldine Longmourn
Mirlania Soulrest Deri Brightfeather
Ereridel Evendream Sedavia Truesong
Daenanni Dewflight Sedwae Mageheart
Syedine Phoenixblood Sydrae Bronzebinder
Zaline Nightshade Sharria Rightsorrow
Garaden Flarestar Marea Highpost
Valina Warmforce Delarina Brassshade
Danda Twinfall Narae Slimwhisper
Alarise Dreadtrail Dadine Silvertrail
Shele Bronzemight Velanlene Eagerblossom
Deylina Strongwing Deylana Goldwing
Belele Crimsonblossom Irdra Silvergazer

Female Void Elf Names

Talra Cindersense Zatvia Leafshade
Cayvea Nightshine Illy Whiteshadow
Nalenn Nightband Lynalenn Boldshield
Erenise Wildswitch Valrianna Nightshard
Belenn Windhope Vathos Goldenblade
Zeadine Embershield Azaerae Solarpoem
Ceada Roseflow Syeleane Coldflight
Anthos Tinderbrook Eralestra Brightvale
Sariniel Runegazer Narsia Eveningsense
Caizia Whitewish Ceden Downhold
Elda Grimpost Kerel Nimblefury
Talenn Phoenixfield Azadine Eveningstrider
Marnaria Lightfield Larion Nimblesense
Lalaya Sunmight Lynadana Flamelight
Lada Silentburn Lolestra Emberdream
Talili Somberbirth Veda Lividflight
Dalen Bronzefury Zarae Boldfall
Gamine Sweetsworn Larisilla Highfeast
Tandra Dewdepth Jimisa Glareshadow
Keelan Flamethread Lynanis Twindown
Azalean Bloodfold Danlean Grandsmile
Aelanea Phoenixshard Nardori Trueguard
Dabrous Solarmourn Cairi Eveningshield
Sharous Warmspirit Loramisa Fireshield
Jidana Goldfate Auriline Brightburst

Funny Void Elf Names

Noraeus Goldentruth Bitith Longflight
Ba’thul Wildforge Meus Swiftspell
Quelren Sharpshade Ith’nas Nightgift
Ponaleron Dualpoem Gellerun Radianttrick
Bemarleron Firegleam Caidamir Azuredesire
Cae’theas Richsign Matrin Wildfaith
Quiis Morningseeker Keelhen Morrowrange
Salis Rosecrown Wylric Lividbrook
Zelatis Solarfury Inedanis Crimsonhold
Hesel Hotsworn Talniar Roserest
Saeath Windflight Baemaash Downpath
Bien Moonshield Norae’danas Coldsmile
Alamlerun Goldenshard Fanothan Ancientmind
Lonnesh Sombertwist Sinlor Sombersense
Ith’nas Darktrail Mirdor Richtrick
Keelron Strongsmile Taazhen Ancientfall
Bemma Dewrest He’daras Velvetpoem
Gerannan Dreadwood Tovedon Radiantvein
Mirdril Silentkind Kaenlon Radiantfluke
Felethelon Coldlight Alsunan Arcanebane
Itveth Velvethide Satith Duskfall
Ma’daras Leanflame Baema’themar Glaresmile
Heniar Bloodflight Wyldor Rightbreath
Salrad Everhope Kalinan Sunflame
Kaenrin Richshadow Larennas Grandforce

Wow Void Elf Names

Keelren Freefold Herron Sunshield
Bit’themar Morningsun Raaesh Arcanewing
Ith’theon Sunsprinter Kenas Everpoem
Fadanis Emberpoem Tallanis Bloodbinder
Karmar Solardream Melinus Greatheart
No’danas Heartgift Zaneon Downhold
Weazen Dewtwist Bius Violetsong
Fanus Brassspear Talstus Sweethope
Velendril Boldwing Hattus Slimbirth
Kelestis Starhold Vranar Rightbirth
Matsaen Soulfeast Tais Sunbirth
Caen Darkswitch Duyazen Mirthseeker
Tesil Bloodgift Alsumar Eveningdreamer
Karan Summerrest Ith’thin Lividveil
Covelion Everwalker Tyrral Silverflare
Bemaaris Oddluck Quillan Sunkind
Rahvaen Swiftflow Baeron Greatsong
Zeleron Dewblood Eridoran Goldendream
Solrenis Cindersense Fadanis Sharpthread
Kelnath Soulwing Panthan Truestrider
Meleath Peaceswitch Baearrin Tinderstrider
Saetazhen Twinsmile Saus Glowdreamer
Alerun Velvetfluke Vymin Windpower
Sarin Morningspirit Nerilios Sparkswitch
Bemalemar Nimbleswitch Inelor Sweetstrider

Void Elf Warlock Names

Redjuh Vugen
Mianosa Onou
Kayejo Kaichei
Razo Tianze
Monchu Utah
Veembi Alchin
Nanbotoh Onte
Oljiren Alji
Amei Uchei
Todei Edeih
Tinjih Tunzuh
Mindi Olnaje
Enzosi Odun
Kumruh Nolko
Hunai Manbon
Indoju Dunche
Zunke Alta
Nomboson Lamerah
Ialnun Zogishin
Amjosu Zombiti
Kaimu Olche
Jugaza Eelju
Viltisha Adizo
Melcheh Ulta
Igeze Eedo

Void Elf Last Names

Keuhnisi Neze
Tesiyei Inai
Iamyi Sehai
Ahretah Meudo
Inta Enyishia
Chaishero Yaisha
Yianhee Selmi
Volnee Meichaih
Jaishi Tinhosha
Yillo Omyah
Chehna Ani
Veelroti Iri
Chaya Lanhenea
Soshi Larisi
Volea Sailra
Nansea Sihrasha
Mihrata Ilrih
Noyishah Saadai
Seinto Asho
Sikhesha Oda
Lora Seya
Hihno Ildeih
Chara Madhi
Hazane Ihmiya
Kishi Aakhisha

Good Void Elf Names

Eupheresa Leorise
Maridite Lasia
Gelaneta Kydia
Datria Melaisia
Elerria Karila
Licia Cynarria
Bellanthe Leorissa
Kathaphone Evasia
Calara Zetha
Dionne Phymeda
Melainia Eirenora
Carene Leacia
Faellia Cotasia
Faenthe Helenthe
Ademone Elilanie
Alaphine Hypadite
Cynaneta Xethia
Axenor Adenie
Jadora Ophirena
Bellamona Hyparria
Denirria Gelana
Alenie Yalesine
Eudollia Marinthea
Cascalena Fentha
Adomia Naremara

Hunter Void Elf Names

Trace Fetch
Riddle Ghost
Lash Pearl
Queste Banshee
Image Fortune
Luna Serenity
Rattle Charm
Raven Squint
Jinx Spice
Dilemma Kelpie
Storm Primrose
Critter Ash
Enigma Beauty
Starlight Myth
Desire Death
Huntress Vision
Twilight Death
Zero Nighte
Slice Twinkle
Vex Silence
Shadow Lumen
Mime Enigma
Aegis Sparkle
Diamond Tare
Starlight Witch

Void Elf Rogue Names

Boomer Scyther
Retch Seraph
Pyro Scarf
Lynch Silver
Phantom Taint
Gargoyle Locus
Twitch Rogue
Nemo Ballista
Savage Vise
Lurch Saber
Haze Blaze
Mug Blight
Bulldozer Discount
Sin Taint
Vise Beast
Quiver Pinch
Seal Sentinel
Discount Cloak
Taint Bilge
Mug Harm
Talon Quill
Viper Virtue
Blade Venom
Zot Rogue
Blaze Rascal

More Void Elf Names

Cudeehd Kabruaks Halish Zywu
Kakon Vaabrua Usakry Bashas
Zaseem Vare Udukry Kaa
Uraro Syks Usabrir Zys
Votam Zi Usobish Him
Coneek Kywish Ruvree Vaassyl
Hunaan Nissii Mulys Zeru
Aduteehd Synua Ovura Zis
Rurhir Kaas Asuby Kaaks
Usanee Ri Muta Zysh
Umusa Phirlol Zaty Dyshrin
Acodys Kakru Tada Saadiiks
Cozee Hyka Arutom Ve
Bozee Be Vobo Se
Muzaa Daa Dushtee Nam
Acaahna Phewoks Alomnah Nerlym
Onorshaa Varluaks Hohnaa Sashi
Maatha Kidaa Ashomom Ven
Asaasha Hysh Lama Zaan
Borla Vaa Ocatta Phir
Abata Serym Shotha Taani
Sershash Lakem Shamnaa Bebriiks
Baahlo Deraks Obama Pham
Ahaakash Phir Kaashla Nas
Lemna Das Laaso Laash