When you’re out and about, you’ll likely encounter one or more service providers who deserve a great tip. Whether you’re at a bar or restaurant, your favorite salon or a spa, it’s the right thing to do when you leave a nice tip for excellent service. If you have a dedicated social influencer who works for you or your brand, you may also want to tip them from time to time for a job well done. Tipping a server, service provider or influencer with Bitcoin is a surefire way to attract attention and become their favorite client. Let’s take a look at some of the top services that allow you to do this type of transaction with cryptocurrency.


Tipprbot is a custodial wallet for social media use. The wallets are operated by a parent company called Rocketr. It’s one of the most popular Bitcoin Cash tipping options, and both Reddit and Twitter use it. You can share BCH with other users who share a great tweet or post.


Chaintip can be used to tip through Github and Reddit. It’s for onchian tipping. If a tip goes unclaimed, the service returns it to the tipper. You won’t lose any funds by tipping this way.


Gitcash offers a fast and efficient way for a Github user to tip other users within a comment or a pull request. A bounty can also be set up through Gitcash. Bounties are for developers who complete tasks. They function as a reward.

Bitcoin Cash Tips


A service called Bitcoin.com Tips allows you to create and print paper tips in bulk. If you don’t use the tips, or if the recipient doesn’t claim a tip, the funds are swept back into your account. You won’t lose any funds by using Bitcoin Cash tips.


If you want a simple tipping service for social media, try TipBitcoin.cash. It allows Twitch live streamers to receive tips in Bitcoin Cash. The StreamLabs OBS integrates with the platform. You can use this integration to pick an animation and a sound when your tips are received.


With CoinText, you can send a Bitcoin Cash tip without any type of wallet app. This service is offered in more than 100 nations around the world. The tips are sent through SMS to the recipient’s phone number.


Easily send cryptocurrency tips on Whatsapp through Lite.im. It allows you to send Bitcoin Cash and other types of digital coins. You set up the transaction through a tipping bot. Use it to deposit, withdraw or send Bitcoin Cash.


Memo is a site similar to Twitter, but it is all on chain. You can tip the content you like with Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Cash tokens. Memo.cash is resistant to censorship and is a social media service made for Bitcoin Cash.


Try a nice mix of old-school and new technology with ParJar. It allows you to telegram Bitcoin Cash through a tipping bot.

Closed Bitcoin (BTC) Tipping Services

A few tipping services are no longer available. If you used Changetip, Tippin Me or Zapchain in the past, you’ll need to find a new option.