The hearing aid has changed the world of deaf people or who are suffering from hearing loss.

Now every single thing we purchase has a brand. Same with the hearing aids. There is a number of top brands of hearing aids available in the market.

ReSound, Signia, Phonak, Unitron, Starkey, Widex, and Oticon are generally viewed as the best hearing aids brands available today. They are delivering the top models of hearing aids across the globe which are easy to handle and comfortable to wear.

Before purchasing any hearing aids you need to know a little about the hearing aids and its brand. Every hearing aid based on some characteristics and features. Some of them are

  • Appearance.
  • Affordability.
  • Compatibility.
  • Comfort.
  • Ease use.
  • Life of a battery.
  • Quality of Audio.

Evaluate the above characteristics and of every brand and hearing aid. Select the most suitable brand according to your need and budget. Apart from having a word with your audiologist if you are confused.

Your audiologist will give you a suitable piece of advice.


As one of a few Danish hearing aids makers. With very nearly 80 years of experience, there’s no doubt that ReSound is one of the leading brands in the market.

ReSound have innovative engineers for hearing aids. They develop hearing aid such as Wide Dynamic Range Compression and Digital Feedback Suppression, which has improved the business all in all, just as their list of items. Their LiNX lineup, Enya models, are known for their great sound quality. Also, with the new ReSound 3D stage (accessible on iOS and Android) connecting, checking, and keeping up your hearing aids is simpler.


Signia has rapidly turned out to be synonymous with quality hearing machines. Siemens presence, in the field of health, is significant since their establishment in 1847. Signia was sold to Sivantos group in the year 2016.

Situated in Singapore, Sivantos has been a leader in the hearing aid industry.  They develop the first waterproof digital hearing aids. They offer many hearing aids for in-the-ear, behind-the-ear. Even they have two distinctive applications, the myHearing, and myControl apps. In recent years, Sivantos and Widex wind up with one another and become an expansive organization, under the name WS Audiology.


Phonak is one of the leading hearing aid brands. They are providing their services in 100 countries across the globe. It is a Swiss-based privately owned company and part of the Sonova group. For more than 65 years they are in the business of hearing aids.

Phonak has a number of different models such as Vitro, Bolero and Audeo. Phonak has grabbed the attention of the market with Audeo Marvel and Audeo B-direct. Because they are compatible with Android and does not require any streamer to connect with Android.


Unitron is possessed by Sonova Group. They are known for their reputation because of they standout amongst the best in light for their clients. They are partnered with the health tech community. And that`s why Unitron offers great customer support to their customers. This makes them different from others.

Unitron allows a trial period to the users to test the different types of hearing devices. Before purchasing they offer a trial period, a customer has a better experience with the hearing aids.


Starkey is one of the leading and best hearing aid brands. They focused on the new technology with the most exhaustive hearing knowledge and innovate hearing aids.

Starkey is the only US-based company of hearing aids. Starkey has delivered more than one million gadgets worldwide since its establishment in 1967. They offer a variety of custom size to you so that you can find that right hearing aids for your ears.


Widex is one of the famous hearing aid brands around the world. The quality of their hearing aid reflects in their devices. They are famous for their sound quality and reliability across the globe. Widex designed the perfect hearing aids for your ears. As they are using 3D laser modeling technology which helps them to customize the hearing aid for your ears.

Widex does not follow new trends. Most of the devices of Widex are not Bluetooth compatible because they have their own technology to connect the hearing aids. The name of their technology is WidexLink. Widex hearing aid devices provide such good sound that you have to adopt the Widex technology.


Oticon is the leading hearing brands in Denmark. They are the first distributor of hearing aids in Denmark. It is been more than 100 years and they are still delivering such good hearing aid across the globe.

An establishment in the year 1904 of Otico. They provide wireless hearing aid technology that connects to your smartphones and makes your life easier. Oticon gives the rechargeable option if you are annoyed with the batteries. The hearing aids of Oticon gives the feature of an Internet of Things in their devices.