When looking for the best laptops for programming, you need a powerful, portable machine to write codes on. Although programming laptops have to crunch through some serious coding, they aren’t necessarily required to be majorly powerful devices. A machine that has a decent amount of power will suffice for compiling code or testing out games and apps that you may have created programmes for.

All of these tasks, and most others that programmers typically work on, need a good quality processor, and quite a load of RAM. Programmers usually spend long hours at their laptops. A laptop with a monitor that doesn’t put strain on your eyes with a resolution that offers clarity to read code, is the right machine. For optimal programming results, the best laptop will have a fantastic mix of power, execution and performance, like the Alienware (AW17R4-7005SLV-PUS 17).

What to Look For

With literally hundreds of laptop models available today, though many can code applications and develop web design, you must select one that suits you as a programmer. The best laptops in India for programming are made by many brands. As a programmer, you can buy great programming laptops by top brands like HP (Spectre x 360), Apple (MacBook Pro 16-inch 2019 ot MacBook Air 2020), Asus Chromebook (Flip C436F) or the Lenovo ThinkPad (X1 Extreme). Here are some things that programmers should consider before choosing a programming laptop:

Powerful Processor – Programming really has to do with how much code and files are being compiled all together. This requires a lot of power from an ideal processor. Programming languages are written in code editors or IDEs. A laptop with an Intel Core i7 10th generation or the latest 11th generation processor works nicely. Recent AMD chips are good too. Don’t get conned into buying a laptop with a better GPU, as the CPU counts more for programming requirements. 

SSD – Modern laptops come with an SSD drive (solid state drive), and in terms of performance, this is superlative compared to a standard hard drive. It can access stored data better. As a programmer, you’ll need a 256GB SSD. You can get great results with a 1 TB standard drive too. Programming an app requires some speed, and you’ll likely be sifting through several files and folders, so you won’t have to keep waiting for files to load. 

Random Access Memory – RAM is sometimes referred to as memory. It stores information that your laptop requires to function well. All applications in programming use memory or RAM to store operating instructions. For instance, a programmer writes code, and a laptop uses RAM for storing instructions that direct the programme in how to execute it. RAM is important as it allows you to run various programs simultaneously. A programming computer must have sufficient RAM, and DDR4 RAM is a good spec on a programming computer. 

Rugged Build – Go in for a programming laptop with a tough build. The best laptops for programming need to withstand code being written 24×7. The Lenovo ThinkPad Extreme X1 is tough enough not to bend and will not compromise its hardware if handled roughly. 

Typing Experience – As a programmer, you may have to type code modules or long programmes. You need a keyboard that is user-friendly and possibly backlit. 

Battery Life – Choose a laptop with a good battery and fast charging. You’ll only have to think of this spec if you are working away from a power source. 

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