Summer solstice is one of the four important milestones of the year, besides: Spring equinox, Fecal collection, Winter solstice period

1. What is Summer solstice?

Summer solstice is the middle time of summer, also usually falls in the middle of the year. The Northern Hemisphere during the Summer solstice will lean more towards the sun than the Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, receiving a large amount of radiation, the day is longer than the night, it gets dark and bright.   Even some cities in Northern Europe also have a white night phenomenon, that is, there is absolutely no night.

2. What is the date of the summer solstice?

By convention, the summer solstice period is the period starting around June 21 or 22 at the end of the carrier period and ending around July 7 or 8 in the Gregorian calendar according to the East Asian time zones when urinary try starting.

In Western astronomical terms, that moment is related to the position of the planet in orbit around the Sun. It is when the solar longitude is 90 degrees in the Northern Hemisphere.

3. Characteristics of Summer solstice

During this time, there was a strong, hot sun, and a clear blue sky. Because of the high temperature and light, the weather is hot, dry and hot, and the water evaporates quickly.

The wind of Tin Phong and the trade wind is active at sea, so it often creates the condensation of water vapor leading to prolonged heavy rains, storms and floods, natural disasters that cause disasters to people’s lives.

Summer solstice has a hot and humid temperature, creating conditions for plants and animals to develop, and a plentiful food source. Animal mating and reproduction.   Many young children born before until Summer solstice period have grown up, can go for food and make their own life …

In addition, plants and animals also store energy to prepare for the dry season. All create a very lively and interesting natural picture. For humans, Summer solstice period is the period when farmers make land and prepare for the upcoming new crop.

This time, the heat is fierce, the farming work has also become a lot harder and harder.   After the time when humans planted the trees, weeds began to grow rapidly.

The climate is hot, humid, and rainy, making them more widespread. That is why the farmer has another job that is weeding, tending the field, not letting weeds overgrown the light and nutrients of the plants.

Another feature is that during Summer solstice period, erratic weather changes easily lead to people being infected with diseases such as flu, heatstroke, colds, dengue fever, malaria, environmental pollution … That, we need to actively prevent disease to ensure the best health.

4. The meaning of Summer solstice period according to Feng Shui

From the perspective of energy, the qi field, the yin and yang five elements, the Summer solstice period takes place around the middle of the May lunar month of the month where the address is Ngo, corresponding to the Ly hexagram in the South, temperature, High light creates various beneficial effects on human life

–   People born in this month are very popular with some prominent characteristics such as enthusiasm, agility, agility, flexibility, lucidity, politeness, respect for order, rules of response. behave, behave quickly, others are hot-tempered, hasty, hasty, melancholy, sentimental, difficult to control their own emotions …

In terms of health when the Fire Air is prosperous with complicated changes in weather, it is necessary to pay attention to blood diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, stroke, cardiovascular disease, dengue fever, viral fever. , have a cold. Should avoid rain, go to work early in the morning, take advantage of the cool weather, take a break early, go to work late in the afternoon, take a late break. Should reduce the amount of oil, fat, salt in food, limit stimulants or hot spicy foods, increase drinking water, use cool foods to regulate the body. Avoid sudden temperature changes (hot showering with cold water, being in an air-conditioned room outside the environment, or being in hot outdoors with air conditioning, prone to heat shock and severe cold)

–   Those who are lucky to meet Hoa will be prosperous and prosperous during this time, their mentality and health are very good, their careers, their financial success, their advancement. Some Fire riders can affect their health, their psychological well-being, work and financial difficulties, easily get angry, irritable, inhibitory, or conflicting with people around them.

– The professions during this period for construction are often not favorable because hot weather, often rain, affecting the quality and efficiency of the work. So many people choose the time to build in the dry season, it will be more efficient.