United Nations predicts that in 2050 there will be about 9.6 billion inhabitants on planet earth. To ensure all the necessary things for these living beings, we might need almost three planets worth of natural resources to live as we do now. But there is only one planet like earth in this whole soler system where living things can live. So preparing our world for the upcoming future and our upcoming generation is our main priority, or otherwise, the whole existence of us will vanish like the dinosaurs.

Now I am going to discuss 5 important things you can do to ensure the protection of the environment.

1.Eating too much meat and fish

First, it may sound strange about how overeating meat and fish can be harmful to our environment. It may be essential for our health, but it is causing harm to our environment in anindirect way. Let me clear all the confusion for you. In a 2018 report, there is a survey result that says that about 14.5% of all the greenhouse gas emissions come from industrial stock farming. That means the farms are using a lot of spaces for breeding, and it is about 75 to 80 % of total farming land. If we could utilize this kind of land and grow vegetables in those, there would be enough food for 4 billion people and more.

Overfishing also harms the overall biodiversity of the marine ecosystem. But the owner has to do this because of the vast demand for fishes in the market.

2.Buying teabags and coffee pods

A recent survey from Halo, a leading company for a British packaging manufacturer, claims that around we throw about 7 billion coffee pods a year, and that’s about 13,500 a minute. The main element of these things are plastic and aluminum, and they are the enemy for our environment.

Teabags also are harmful to the environment because they contain nylon or polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a type of plastic that is very dangerous for the environment.

Instead of using these things, we can always use more environmentally friendly alternatives like a traditional coffee maker or loose tea. It may be challenging for the lazy person, but a little can save the planet.

3.Using paper bag

You might think that wait for a second, how can a paper bag be harmful to the environment. It is not as dangerous as the five billion plastic bags that are used around the world annually, but according to the UN the paper bags are mostly used more than once and end up in the organic waste bin.

Besides, the amount of energy and cost needed to produce a paper bag is four times more than a plastic bag. So this challenging production requires more wood and water than the usual plastic bag. So am I suggesting using a plastic bag? Of course not. Instead of using a regular paper bag, we can always use long-lasting cotton bags which can be washable and can be used many times.

You might want to check out some things from Bonfilt. They offer some of the best products. But even they use different types and materials that aren’t harmful to the planet, and you can use their items more than once. So be sure to check them out

4.Washing with non-eco-friendly detergents

The main chemical used in most washing detergents is toxic. Most of them contain phosphates,surfactants which are very dangerous and harmful for the planet.

So the solution to this problem is to check out the chemical before buying any washing detergents. Your consciousness can save the planet from the upcoming digester.

5.Drinking bottled water

Drinking bottles are made out of straight plastic. When we are in a trip or outside of the house, a drinking bottle may be the only solution for drinking water. We know plastic is not a friend to the environment.