Motorcycle riders in Australia must undergo a GDL (Graduated Driver Licensing) process before being allowed to ride unrestrictedly. You need to take the NSW motorcycle practise test to hone your skills regarding the rules for bikes and help you clear the actual test.

The first step in obtaining a motorbike license is getting a learner’s permit (LAM). The maximum engine displacement for a LAM is 660 ml, and the maximum power-to-weight ratio is 150 kw/t. 

You can ride off-road motorcycles with a learner driver’s license as long as they are registered and meet the state or territory’s road authority design requirements and noise restrictions.  

A provisional license will be awarded to you once you’ve completed the necessary training and testing. During the day, you’ll be able to ride alone, but not at night.

The person can upgrade to an unrestricted motorcycle license if you’ve kept your provisional license for an acceptable period (typically 12 months). You’ll be permitted to ride any motorcycle with this license at any time of day or night. 

Legal road rules in Australia

A few exceptions apply to motorcycle drivers in Australia; however, most of the country’s traffic laws are the same for everyone else. Anyone who wants a motorbike license in New South Wales must take the Rider Knowledge Test. There is a practise test for those preparing to take the Australian driving license exam known as the NSW motorcycle practise test. There are a few key differences:

Motorcyclists must have at least one hand on the handlebars while on the road. You can’t sit on someone else’s lap if you’re riding a motorcycle. 

Motorcyclists are permitted to move out of the path of oncoming vehicles to overtake. If the posted speed limit isn’t 80 kilometers per hour or higher, you can ride side by side with another motorcycle or two abreast in a single traffic lane. 

A motorcycle rider under 18 must wear a helmet that meets the Australian Standard. Unless riding in an enclosed cab, a passenger under 18 must wear an appropriate safety helmet.

Before you can drive a motorcycle in the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW), you need a license. A P1 or P2 license, followed by an unrestricted full motorcycle license, is required before you may apply for this license. New South Wales implements a Gradual Licensing System to ensure the safety of rookie motorcyclists by awarding complete unrestricted permits after three years of riding.

P1 license

For a provisional P1 rider license, you must be at least 17 years old, have held a learner rider license for at least three months, have finished the pre-provisional rider training course (defined region), and have passed the practical riding test.

The person’s photo will be taken as soon as they pay the cost. The license will then be sent to them by mail. Until their new license arrives, they can use a temporary paper license. For the next 18 months, the person needs to renew a P1 rider license. After a year of holding a P1 rider’s license, you can apply for a P2 rider’s license (next step). Over 25, the person may not be required to obtain P2 permission to ride with a full rider license.

P2 license

A P2 rider license can only be obtained after holding your P1 permit for an entire year without any suspension or cancellation. Because no course or test is necessary, most riders can apply for a P2 rider license online.

For the time being, you can ride with your temporary license until your new one arrives in the mail. Thirty months is the maximum time you can keep your P2 motorcycle license. It’s re-upgradable if necessary.