Are you ready to build your Moder Recruitment Marketing Team? Do you know which roles required to make the recruitment marketing team best? If the answer is no then is blog help you to know about essential roles that are in the modern recruitment marketing team.

Recruitment marketing is a process where the recruitment marketing team attracts and nurtures talented individuals to business by promoting the brand value of the employer. The primary aim of the modern strategy of recruitment marketing teams is to attract more and more candidates instead of customers and promote the employer brand instead of a commercial brand.  For implementing this advanced strategy, there is a necessity of a modern recruitment marketing team. The team who privy the fundamental principle of communication analytic, hyper-target messaging, nurture the passive talent by reinforcing the employer brand, attract and engage with candidates.

Let’s see which 5 roles in the modern recruitment marketing team are essential to achieve the marketing strategy.

Employer Branding Manager Role

Employer brand is a foundation piece of business. Employer Branding Manager controls the company’s branding strategies. He/she also plans to establish the loud presence of the employer brand on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The major focus is to create an employer brand as a big brand to attract the maximum candidates.

Job Descriptions And Responsibilities :

  • Define the employer brand and insist audience and candidate it is more than just a company name or vision.
  • Discover the untold experience of employees and share it in the stories form.
  • Expand the employer brand visibility through different channels. 
  • Focus on to create uniformity in brand standard 
  • Explain potential career path
  • Train the recruiting team on best social practice and recruitment strategies. 
  • formulate employer brand stuff for events
  • Manage the reputation on various utilizable sites e.g. indeed, glassdoor. 

Skills Required :

  • Communication skill
  • Deep knowledge of various social media platforms
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Strong writing skill

Content Strategist Role

A Content Strategist is a person who generates the content strategy for the brand and manages those strategies thoroughly. Through that content strategy, they derive targeted traffic and do the conversion by guiding the sales funnel. Content Strategist provides the content at each stage, and creates blog and articles as per the audience requirement, needs and wants.

Job Descriptions And Responsibilities :

  • Create the specific content according to the brand designed audience.
  • Editor of career sites, blogs, social media platforms, and other channels that connect with the employer brand. 
  • Engage with the candidates through messaging and verbal communication.
  • Define key brand message
  • Define the best way to engage with candidates
  • Analyze what type of content working and what isn’t

Skills Required :

  • Copywriting skill
  • Content Presentation skill
  • Campaign experience
  • Content deliver skill
  • Multitasking and  organizing skill
  • A analytics mind

Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Coordinator seeks and attracts the new candidate over various social media platforms by maintaining the strong presence of the employer brand on social media. They improve the marketing efforts and amplify the number sales. Social Media Coordinator is responsible for planning and executing social media strategies.

Job Descriptions And Responsibilities :

  • Best practice of social media and increase the network across the various social networking sites to reach the maximum candidates.
  • Maintain the company’s profile on social media by performing several activities such as brand promotion, advertisement.
  • Measure the success of social media campaigning
  • Maintain the social media content
  • Create, execute and manage the social media strategies
  • Suggest the new way to attract the candidates
  • up to date about all changes on social media sites
  • Use different social media marketing tools, namely Buffer
  • Make a strong relationship with candidates by answering their questions on the social channel

Skills Required :

  • Strong communication skill 
  • Multitasking and analytic skill
  • Social media listening skills
  • Expertise in multiple social sites

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer is the person who generates the lead and spreads brand awareness through different digital channels. Digital channel includes a company website, email marketing, search engine ranking, social media and corporate blog.  They convert more candidates through careen site, landing page and talent network forms.

Job Descriptions And Responsibilities :

  • Design and focus on all aspects of digital marketing.
  • Create and manage the various digital marketing campaign
  • Form email template and image banner
  • Improve the landing page for increasing the conversion
  • Test all digital all marketing campaigns
  • Increase the employer brand awareness on digital channel

Skills Required :

  • Marketing
  • Professional communication
  • Analytical and reporting
  • Design Thinking
  • Up to date knowledge of trending technologies in digital marketing.

Recruitment Marketing Manager 

Recruitment Marketing Managers help companies to promote their company’s workplace as a great place to work. They do this by building a relationship with candidates. They are responsible for promoting the company and open roles through offline or online communities.

Job Descriptions And Responsibilities :

  • Manage the employer branding activity
  • Maintain the candidate database by using leading technology such as Applicant Tracking Software.
  • Create a segment of matching candidates against a job for a recruiter with the help of Recruiting CRM.
  • Shape the qualified candidate profile
  • Describe in detail why employees stay with employer brand for a long time and attract the potential candidates
  • Participate in the various events and job fairs
  • Manage the Recruiting CRM and relationship with clients and vendors

Skills Required :

  • Great storytelling ability
  • Strong communication skill
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge of event planning.

So start building or transforming your Recruitment Marketing Team. Team that fulfil and accomplishes all modern strategies concerned to attract candidates and amplify employer brand awareness through all the required skills.