Retail and e-commerce stores are diversifying the economies of the world. Countries like United States, China, United Kingdom, Dubai, and Nigeria have been benefiting immensely to the extent that in the US, according to the National Retail Federation, nearly 4 million retail establishments, which exist in the United States, created around 42 million jobs and contributed around $2.6 trillion yearly to the country’s gross domestic product.

Above is an affirmation that your retail business needs to benefit from the growing e-commerce.

Meanwhile, your retail store could sink amidst millions of websites with millennial features.

To avoid your e-commerce store sinking in the 10th page of Google, below are what you need to take note of in your store:

Functioning E-commerce Store:

A functioning e-commerce store is a requirement for making good sales. Let your homepage solve your customers’ problems with a single tab. The homepage is the first impression your customer has about your business; it tells so much about you. If it is not in shape your online presence is a crab, worthless.

You can employ the service of Shopify to get a simple e-commerce store without hiring the service of a web developer.

Outstanding Visual Design:

Visual design is the sole of online stores. Upload high-resolution images on your store; this will give customers the sensation that what they saw is the right product they intend buying.

A well-presented image depicting your product is a convincing point for customers. Get mind-captivating pictures, if possible, get pictures showing views from different ends; they will protrude your store.

Optimise Your E-store:

Optimising your e-store will give you the advantage to be searchable on notable search engines. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is necessary and can earn you millions of sales through Google, Yahoo, Bing and much more.

Be sure you are not implanting black heart SEO; it has penalties. If you are not in the know, consult reputable SEO specialists.

Be Customer-centric:

A good store must be customer-centric. Give your customers what they want without delay. Your customers come first. While I was checking for e-commerce stores, I moved from countries to countries, and searched different stores. From Bespoke Suit Tailors in Dubai, to Shoe retailers in the US, one thing is common to all of them, especially those at the top, they take customers very serious.

Email Marketing:

Tail your customers with your products using the powerful tools of email marketing. It will protrude your business if you do. Be assured that your new products would be patronised if you make good usage of this avenue.


No matter how small your store is, be ready to implement e-store and use the powerful tools provided above. Then, you can have real testimonies.