Are you planning to build your own business website in the UAE? Then you probably need the best UAE Business Hosting Companies, so that you can get the maximum profit.

Online businesses like digital marketing and e-commerce businesses, they all need their websites to load fast, without any hassle so that their visitors don’t face any trouble while visiting their sites, because the better the result their website shows, the bigger the money they get in their pockets.

In a country like UAE, which is the attraction for most of the foreigners, it becomes essential for one to select the right hosting. So if you are looking for the best business hosting for your UAE website, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, after thorough and deep research, we have included the top 5 Business hosting companies in UAE.


If you have a lot of money in your pockets and you are willing to go for the best web hosting service that provides you with completely flawless results, then Cloudways should be your priority. This company is the most advanced of all and has made its customers quite happy with its excellent results.

  • Services offered by Cloudways
  • Managed web hosting for word press
  • SSD based Hosting
  • Cloud and PHP 7 servers
  • WordPress Cache plugin
  • These were just a glance of what Cloudways offers, there is much more for you at Cloudways.

If you are looking for the cheapest Webhosting Company in UAE, the is the one you are looking for. Though it’s the most affordable ad cheapest web hosting company in UAE, still you are not gonna feel any difference in its quality.

Services offered by offers three types of services packages, with the free package, you are allowed to run a simple webpage without any restriction for free. While the Pro and VIP packages charge a certain amount from the customers and give them complete access to develop their projects. The services offered by includes:

  • Free and VIP web hosting
  • Committed Servers
  • Domain Enrollments
  • Website implementation

Tasjeel is also one of the most used web hosting companies found in the UAE. Though Tasjeel doesn’t offer its customers any free services like ABA, still it has a lot to offer its users at a very economical price. The best thing about Tasjeel is that they haven’t ever lot a customer, their customer’s love their services as they are known to be the most customer supportive web hosting market in UAE.

Services Offered by

  • The main services provided by are:
  • Domain registration
  • Dubai based cloud
  • Digital marketing development
  • Website optimization
  • Data management
  • Brilliant web hosting

Crazy Domains NZ

The Crazy Domain NZ is included in our list just for the reason that it provided its services at a fairly cheapest price. Customer support is most important thing in any business but when it comes to Crazy Domain NZ customer support, it sucks, there are many customers of Crazy domain who aren’t much satisfied with them, but still they provide their services at such reasonable prices that I think one should give them a try.

Services offered by Crazy Domains NZ

  • Services offered by crazy domain are:
  • Windows and Linux servers
  • Domain registry
  • Web hosting (there are several different categories of web hosting offered by crazy domain)


Last but not least, Temok also stands in the top 5 web hosting companies in UAE. Again, if you are looking for a cost-effective web hosting service with brilliant results, than Temok is no less than others.  

Services offered by Temok

  • Web hosting
  • Windows shared hosting
  • Linux hosting
  • Linux servers
  • Windows servers
  • Website designing and much more