Now a day’s aircrafts are become most important parts of human life. It makes human life easier and it helps to save lots of time during the travel. Maintaining an aircraft is a very important aspect. It not only ensures the optimal performance of the machine but also confirms the safety of the passengers. Regular maintenance of aircraft increase the lifespan of air craft. Therefore, it is required that an aircraft is maintained by qualified and trained professionals. These professionals should have the proper and certified aircraft tools in their kit to ensure the safety of the passengers, the crew, and cargo.

Some of the top aircraft maintenance tools and equipment that will ensure quality repair include:

There are many different tools are used in the maintenance and repair of the air craft. Here in this article we will discuss about some of the most important parts.

  • A Speed Handle: This is one of the most sophisticated aircraft tools that enable the professional to perform a lot of things within a very short span without having to move from one aircraft to another. This is actually a long screw that helps in spinning and removing a screw with one hand while the other checks other components. This is a very important tool to repair a high aircraft engine that has plenty of screws.
  • Torque Wrench: This is also a vital tool that ensures that the screws and fasteners are fixed according to the specified torque or tightness on the rotors of the helicopter. This calibrated torque wrench is to be adjusted according to the recommended torque.
  • Vibration Meter: Vibration Meter is another tool that measures the vibration level of the aircraft in the unit of kilograms. This also adds to the safety and integrity of the engine structure and contribute to eliminating the chances of rotor blade and other problems.

Basic and electrical tools:

In addition to the above, there are also a few other basic aircraft tools to have. The list of such tools includes:

In the aircraft there many different and important electronic component available which helps the air craft fly safely. So, the maintenance if those electronic components are very important for safety of the passengers.

  • A ratchet screwdriver preferably with replaceable bits
  • A brass punch set
  • Vice grips
  • Plastic headed hammer
  • Swivel sockets with ¼ inch drive
  • Crowfoot wrench and
  • Dial caliper of 0 to 6 inches.

A few specific tools are here to work on the sheet metal particularly. These are:

  • Dividers of 6 to 8 inches
  • Spring-loaded center punch
  • Cold chisel set
  • A 3-piece aviation snip set
  • A combination square, and
  • Ascribe.

In addition to that, the technician often need different sizes and numbers of drill bits in his kit such as:

  • Four number 40 bits
  • Four number 30 bits
  • Two of 21 bits and
  • One of 10 bits.

Apart from this list of tools, the basic electrical maintenance tool is there. The list of aircraft tools must also include a multi-meter, a small gauge, wire strippers, mini pliers set, and a soldering iron of the capacity between 20 and 40 watts.

A few other tools:

The other specific aircraft tools that the professional may require for a comprehensive and fool proof maintenance of the aircraft are:

  • Safety Wire Pliers: The wiring system of the aircraft is very sensitive. So the wiring system of aircraft should be safe. Safety wire pliers will ensure that the fasteners do not loosen due to vibrations. Safety wire pliers tool helps the technician to spin aluminum wire strands onto the braid that holds the nuts and bolts together. This increases toughness and prevents loosening of the nuts and bolts any further.
  • Metal Working Tools: Sometimes the technicians have to saw up the metal in the airframe. These mechanics are responsible to maintain the actual structure of the frame and the aircraft. This specific tool will help them to cut and bend the metal sheets and also grind them if necessary to fasten the metal on the frame. They will also need drills, rivet guns, die grinders sheet metal rollers, and electric band saws as well.
  • Magnet: Magnet is small but important tool for the maintenance of aircraft. This is necessary to retrieve fasteners, small metal strips, and even tools from inaccessible spots and these tools prevent them from entering the cables and engine assemblies causing a catastrophe. Magnet used in aircraft  repair to pull out small nut, bolts and other small parts which are not easy to reach easily to them.

And finally, they will also need a mirror in their aircraft tools kit. This will help them to see things out of direct sight and there any many different tools used in aircraft maintenance. Airline should use high quality and durable tools for the regular maintenance. For getting high-quality aircraft tools contact the reliable manufacturer and supplier.

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