When you begin a new business, it makes sense for you to invest most of your time thinking about how to brand your business. One of the branding aspects that require extra attention is a logo, which will operate as your brand’s identity. Creating a website is not as complicated or as time-consuming as creating a logo. It is not enough to make a logo. You need to construct a logo that gives you leverage over your competition and beat your rivals out of the water. A productive brand has the name and the visually appealing logo to support it.

The logo design process can be daunting. It also comes with many risks and takes your mind away from the other aspects of your branding that demands your attention. This is why it is preferable to opt for an unlimited graphic design agency that has the platform to develop your logo for you. You can easily acquire their services through their unlimited graphic design packages, which come at cost-effective rates.

The best choice for you, in this case, is Designster. It not only operates as an agency but also as a platform. It has all the tools, elements, and knowledge at its disposal to ensure that it constructs a stellar logo that arrests the attention of your target audience. Here are a few tips on how Designster can design valued logos for your brand.

Strong and Balanced

You can take the example of Nike’s “swish” that incorporates both elements. It effuses strength and balance at the same time. The point of such a logo is that it should reflect your enterprise ranging from its heart and soul. First, you must remember what has an impactful effect on your audience. What kind of logo design is easily readable and attracts positive attention. A logo with these features in place showcases a balanced and robust outlook, especially when displayed in a crowded marketplace.



Simplicity is the key to success. A complicated logo and takes time in printing and production can confuse your audience or offer little to no interest. Look to the brands that have succeeded and become famous. Look at Facebook or McDonald’s. What is the common denominator that these brands share? They have logo designs that are simple, clear, and easy to recognize. Not excessive visual designing or extra texts.


You don’t have to describe what your business does through your logo design. You only require the necessary imagery to tell the entire story of your brand upon the first reflection. The imagery needs to have such an impact that it becomes unforgettable.

One of the factors that can make it memorable is the iconography you incorporate in your Graphic design. Your icons should be able to communicate your brand without having to use your company name. The stand-alone image will serve as your identity wherever you go, be it in your label or product packaging.

Take the Nike logo design as an example. Its “swoosh” is widely known despite its simplicity. Its very name, “Nike,” was inspired by the Greek Goddess of victory. Amazon used a similar idea with its arrow that binds A and Z. The impression and connective style of these designs is what makes them memorable. You can take inspiration but never copy. Designster always creates original designs.


A visible logo design is not something that should be limited to a billboard. It needs to be as visible when it varies in shapes and sizes. It should portray the same visibility in a business card, embroidery, T-Shirt designs, and other marketing materials. It should have the ability to be showcased in light, dark or multicolored backgrounds as well.

Once you solidify your logo design, you can use it consistently without hindrance. Remember that your logo must be compatible with everything pertaining to your brand.

Appropriate Colors

Colors evoke different emotions in people. Your color for your logo design needs to take the psychological messaging of the color into consideration. Select the colors that strengthen the message and values of your logo. Ensure that the colors reflect the mood you are trying to conjure up from your target audience. It needs to have an arresting effect on the client’s attention span and should never distract.

Take the example of blue. It is linked with freshness and loyalty, which is why blue is commonly used in finance-related logo designs. The color green is closely linked with life and nature, which symbolizes animated products.

Your logo designs will be showcased in light and dark backgrounds, so it is necessary to consider that it can mesh well with such scenes. Usually, the backgrounds are either in black or white, so use a color stronger than black or white. Never let the background overwhelm your design logo colors.

This does not mean that you have to make your color scheme complexed. Just embellish the colors with an aesthetically pleasing effect on your stationery, merchandise, or other materials. Be limited in your usage of colors. Avoid using more than three. Using too much will underwhelm the effects of your brand and only serve to increase costs in production.

If you want your brand to expand across geographical boundaries, it will help to cite the cultural aspects of colors when creating your logo design. If your colors are culture oriented, your logo design can be marketed internationally.

The process of constructing your logo may take years to produce, which is why Designster has all the elements in its arsenal to create the perfect logo for you. It gives you the simplicity, flexibility, and colored logo designs to garner you acclaim from your customers.