In Greek mythology, social forms were not classified by mode of production, but by gold, silver, copper and iron.

People often say that this is a golden age – a golden age of entrepreneurship, content industry, Internet finance and technology-driven business model reforms.

Hesiod, an ancient Greek poet believed in an age of heroes that came between the age of copper and iron, and all heroes in Greek mythology was born in this age. I think that the age we are now in, is more like this age of heroes with so much talent around us and heroes of all kinds.

People with excellent talents hope to have a field to display their unique individual value. The structure of SCRY.INFO community differs from a traditional company. We are looking forward to having excellent partners from different industries join us. The founding team is like a spark. As founders, it is our fervent wish to share more resources and business value with extraordinary participants and young people from all over the world. SCRY.INFO advocates a team culture of openness, inclusiveness, diligent study and growth.

Since the development of the HTTP protocol in 1974, the first structural reform based on computer communications came about with the blockchain application Bitcoin, in November 2008. Now, in 2017, it is nearly 9 years since the development of this blockchain application. Roughly speaking, when we look into the past, we can see that the development and accumulation cycle for any cutting-edge technology is 10 years. So, the next era will be the one where the blockchain cycle will grow rapidly. In a society where information is continuously being digitized, blockchain will certainly become an inevitable tool for information transfer, and the foreseeable future society will be an era of true decentralization and co-building of sharing mechanism and credit.

In all kinds of commercial activities today, there is massive data to be mined. This could be information about corporate reputation, recruitment preferences, individual purchase habits, job performance, historical financial records, etc. However, prediction of our future behavior, for example, what are we going to buy next, how efficient will we become at work, how likely we are to be able to repay debts, involves a process of data collection, filtering and analysis, which requires unprecedented accuracy and maturity. In the past, classifying and analyzing massive data sets to uncover useful and predictable information needed fragmented and brute force computing power. Two decades ago, there was no good system that could enable a computer to answer complicated questions or make reliable predictions based on these data sets. But everything is changing rapidly.

A long time ago, Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns and Moore’s Law broke through the limitations of the semiconductor world, enabling 3 billion smart devices around the world to be operating together. When we talk about the coming of AI and the machine age, we don’t think where we can find reality in a world that is already informatized. The instrumental value of SCRY.INFO is to accommodate and connect more traditional data companies into the blockchain application information bridge. We firmly believe that one day, data scoring and transaction flows will be conducted everywhere in the world by a credit society built on Blockchain smart contracts. In the face of a large information society, we need to make a system based on the useful patterns and trends in a data set, and extract information from classified data sets to make predictions and value estimates for future situations. SCRY has been working with different universities and international organizations to build a cooperation system, which will foster outstanding young talents in blockchain data mining and machine learning.

According to a survey by MarketsandMarkets, in the second quarter of 2017, global data-based transactions had reached US$46.34 billion. Open your Alipay app, and you will find the UX interface and recommended scoring rules are eerily similar to Lacie’s story in Black Mirror, Season 3. Whether it is today or tomorrow, we are living in a world that is headed towards an emphasis on individual scoring. In this world, you can score everyone you meet. The higher one’s score is the larger weight they will carry when they score others. In fact, one’s life depends on the score they are able to achieve. Use and interaction of data is now inseparable. At present or in future, how can we ensure authenticity and unique value of our data? Using blockchain for your data is the only safe way. When individual data can rely on SCRY to become the transaction in constructing a social system, the users’ private data or corporate data can become the subject of smart contract transactions, bringing profit to both parties of the transaction, and then exponential increments can be achieved in market development.

In the design mechanism, promoting smart contract data transaction flow is not only an effective way to absorb new users and retain data resources, but also an effective means to develop SCRY’s macroscopic ecosystem, including the developer, hacker, non-governmental organization, government, supplier and partners. In the settlement process, 1/3 SMT gas in every smart contract will belong to global Token holders.

Construction of a sharing and win-win interest mechanism can help SCRY to reduce the cost in obtaining, trading and keeping the interests of these communities.

With respect to operation model prediction, blockchain has the potential to reverse the trend of cheaper data sharing and network hardware. Universal application of blockchain will boost a lot of changes in the market cost of hardware, software and services. For example, compared with US$0.9 required to run on optimized GPU for a distributed blockchain, the actual computing cost per hour of one AWS workload running on a standard data center is only US$0.00015.

Blockchain is inherently equipped with the ability to create a more comprehensive economic development and sharing system. In the “sharing economy”, Mobike, Airbnb, Uber and Didi in today’s market, are transactions made through an intermediary. A truly decentralized sharing economy will only happen if the target data becomes a smart contract, and automatic settlement is provided for both parties of the transactions.

In today’s world, change and how we adapt to it are the only constants. The computer programs of digitized society are constantly doing certain things: operating independently, sensing the environment, lasting continuously, adapting to changes, and creating and pursuing goals. Human society is undergoing a 6D evolution – our world and form is gradually Digitized, Deceptive, Disrupted, Dematerialized, Demonetized and Democratized. None of us can escape from it. Just like the Turing Test requires all the skills to allow an Agent to act reasonably, knowledge presentation and reasoning allows the Agent to reach a good decision. We must produce understandable natural language sentences to get by in a complicated society. We must learn, not only to be erudite, but also because learning can improve our ability to behave effectively. When all authentic and verifiable data is recorded in the blockchain, we can achieve the perfect rationality of a smart society through the contract template made by rules, that is, to do right things, efficiently.

SCRY has a massive transformative purpose – to start an era of blockchain data transactions. From the view of economics, transactions involve exchange of values. Blockchain technology is the encoding technology of interest transfer rules, and its core characteristics are to ensure that digital information has its unique life identification, and can be safely transferred or interact with new information life. From the database concept, a blockchain is a “self-referencing” database table, and every record represents a block, which contains information of previous record. Through this block, you can inquire previous records. Therefore, you can trace back from any record until you reach the first record (genesis block). In the introductory video of the first SCRY program; we compare the data life of a blockchain to DNA. A piece of blockchain data follows the pace of the parent information to grow and change in the vast sea of stars.

You can open a window to keep a beautiful bird, but you need to cut open a gate, if you are going to open a new world.

Based on’s protocol function, the SCRY team developed a full 3D simulation virtual society’s independent DAPP. We can go move any urban street freely in such a 3D world. Moreover, based on the SNS interaction among users, we can also carry out real classified data source smart contract transactions.

When we provide users and participants with a convenient threshold, and when they are already using and participating in smart contract transactions, they will find that blockchain is very lifelike, and it is interesting as well as delightful. In the interactive ecosystem of smart contracts built by communities, without limitations to the scarce form of traditional cryptocurrency flows, we can explore diversity and abundance in trade forms of blockchain data. (Technology helps make something scarce abundant) The SCRY team will show the global community for the first time, how to trade real blockchain smart contract data in a fully 3D virtual world, in Singapore, this November.

The future of SCRY.INFO is like a vast sea of stars. We believe in this mysterious planet, that there will always be a group of community partners with the same dream and ambition to participate in SCRY, so we can explore a brand new world of blockchain.