Are you becoming tensed with the issue of costumers because they have not been flowing nonstop?

May be your startup is trying hard to direct more customers to what you offer, but the return falls below your expectation?

You are not the only startup facing this hurdle! Get this clear, you need to make people to be aware you are in town, and that is what you need to keep your startup blooming. Your startup requires fervent promotion before you begin to invest millions on millions in it. Yes, it needs to get to the deepest of environment particularly where its impacts have to be felt. When you are starting up, you may not be financially buoyant to host a TV programme that will protrude your business. However, some means can earn you numerous customers that your business requires.

Well, you may not be aware that investors trip for startups doing big without adequate funding. That tells them those startups can survive while others die (un)natural death.

I am going to ask you few questions. When your answer is yes, then your problems are complicated to the extent that it cannot be solved with these simple cures. Nonetheless, I doubt you can give a capital yes without thinking you have failed somewhere.

Have You Leveraged On Local Bloggers?

From one niche to another, bloggers have filled up our cyberspace. Some of them converge more users than many of those multi million dollars online projects. Have you contacted them to promote your business?

When you think they will demand money from you, some are not ready to do. Just get well-crafted articles detailing the problems you intend solving. Make it decent and right for the platforms you are sending to, through them, countless number of customers will patronize you based on the regard they have for the bloggers that published your contents or how convincing your contents are.

However, many of those I offered this advice complain that some bloggers turn their articles down. Yes, bloggers are wiser these days that they do not want contents that are not unique. Unique contents have positive effects on Search Engine Optimisation, and this is the reason some bloggers turn down copied contents or already published contents.

If you intend doing a local bloggers awareness for your startup, make sure the content you send to each blogger is unique. After that, expect that they publish your content.

Do You Release Press Statements?

After kick starting your firm, did you issue press releases to inform prospective customers you are now around? You think it is easy to find you online when you are not the only one existing in your field?

It does not work that way! Immediately you start working, you need to create awareness that you have begun solving concrete problems in your arena. The press release is a good marketing strategy startups forget. Publish press statements every time even after holding a brief meeting in your office. When a distinguished visitor comes to your end, inform people through press releases. Send them to online and offline news magazines.

Your startup needs to be contributing to the day-to-day issue relating to your field every time. For example, you are an edtech startup ,and your country just passed a law relating to education in the Constitution. Render your voice on the new changes. Doing so makes people aware you are existing and ready to solve their problems.Come in from different angles. Lend your voice to issues. Those who will buy your ideas, will.

Is Your Website Search Engine Optimised?

Your website is a source of awareness, and that is why you launched it. However, you need to ask yourself if your site has returned anything good to your firm. Yes, it has not, because it is not search engine optimised. Optimising your platform will drive customers to your platform. Google will drive traffic to your website if it complies with their rules.

The first thing to do is to make sure you create a blog section on your platform. Make sure the contents you published here are related to your startup and indeed solve concrete problems. When Google algorithm sees these, be rest assured of more traffics and patronise.

Is Your Social Shares Engaging?

Do you engage people on your social media? If you have not been doing, make sure you start now. Social engagement is essential in promoting your startups.

If you notice, people are conversant with social media especially Facebook these days, so, create engaging contents that they will not look down on. It will surely drive traffic to your business.

Ask yourself how far you have gone with all these, if you have not done them at all, try to introduce them into your marketing strategy.