Ever wondered what going back in time would feel like if you had access to a time machine? Slow jazz in the background, meaningful songs with smooth music and that perfect gentleman approach would be a sight for sore eyes. Today we are exposed to modern luxuries at its best, but somewhere along the line, the charm of that 60s or 70s era has been lost to us. Bringing that sophistication and elegance back to you in this 21st century are the luxury trains in India.

With a total of 7 luxury trains being operated and managed by Indian railways and IRCTC, 5 of them have managed to bag the title of best luxurious trains in the world in 2010. India is a developing country which means when you visit the place not everything will be perfect. Either transportation or food or your place of stay might have some glitch in it. There are places in India beautiful as heaven but only accessible via local transportation facilities which are not always up to the mark.

Most of the Roads in India are under development stage which makes it harder to travel from one place to another with painful bumps all along the journey. Specifically designed keeping the needs of foreign tourists in mind are these ultra-luxurious trains. Away from hurdles and painful journey, these trains take you to places of ethnic Indian richness, something you definitely would have never experienced before. Based mostly in the state of palaces Rajasthan, and central India, these trains cover various destinations in the northwest and south India as well. If you want the best and cost isn’t a concern, this is the best option available to explore this beautiful amalgamation of culture and beauty.

Apart from Golden Chariot and Deccan Odyssey, all the other trains are concentrated along the western, North western and central area of Indian Subcontinent. The eastern and north eastern states are yet to be facilitated with these trains. The interiors of these trains have been designed keeping in mind the beauty of royal Indian palaces. With ample security, these trains have been fabricated to provide the best experience on your holidays. If it is royalty and luxury you are searching for without the hassles of being in a new country, Indian railways have got your back with these trains providing you with every facility you need. With these trains, you will experience India with an angle different from the rest.

These 7 luxury trains include

1. Maharajas’ Express

Centered mostly On Rajasthan, This train is one of the most expensive luxury trains in the world. It also connects to various tourist sites in central and northwest India.

2. Palace on Wheels

Run by Rajasthan Development Corporation in association with Indian Railways, this train is only focused on the state of Rajasthan exploring the age old palaces and forts.

3. The Golden Chariot

Based on the southern part of the country this luxurious metal on the wheels takes you to the unconventional beauties of the south. South India has always been a hub of greenery and exploring the beautiful green lands, jungles and caves with comfort is a dream comes true.

4. Deccan Odyssey

This beautiful posh train takes you on a remarkable journey through the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan also touching certain beautiful spots in South India. This train was built specifically to boost the tourism status in the state of Maharashtra.

5. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Following the same route as Palace on Wheels, this train also covers tourist sites like Taj Mahal, Ghana National Park, Agra Fort and Khajuraho.

6. Fairy Queen

Fairy queen is one of its kind steam locomotive trains that run from New Delhi to Anwar to boost Rajasthan tourism with maximum 60 passengers on board and an average speed of 40kms per hour.

7. Royal Orient

Running from the State of Dandiya and GarbaRaas, Gujarat, to the royal state of Rajasthan, the Royal Orient was formulated to promote tourism of the two states covering all important location in both the states.

Now with a fair idea of the luxury trains in India, a visit to this extraordinary country is a must. With a rich cultural heritage, India is a land to give you ten times best of what you expect. Breathe in the rich flavors of Indian Cuisine and submerge your soul in the beauty of this country with these luxurious trains.