To get to your peak may be very hard if you lack necessary tools. The same could be said of progressing in content marketing. Having the most appropriate tools for search engine optimisation and knowing which one to use when need calls are necessary. The website does not just get to the first page of Google or Yahoo or Bing without putting Search Engine optimisation as a priority.

Owing to the wonders SEO tools perform, websites are ranked and stay firmly in a couple of months without using black hat strategies.

In this regard, here are some SEO tools you need to take your website to the first page you have been longing for.

Website Analytics Tools

As you post contents, you need to check what you can add to increase traffic on your site. You do not just leave your web to remain the same; you implement some individual checks and balance using some referred tools that SEO specialists find rewarding.

Among these tools are Google Analytics, Moz, SEO Site Checkup, Searchmetrics Website Analyzer, Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and Backlink Checker, and much more.

Good Contents Tools

Posting good content on your platform is king this time around. Search engines, especially Google, place penalty on Copied and unprofessional contents. High readability is also very important.

While you may not know you have copied some works, Grammarly or Copyscape will let you know the percentage of words you copied. Using any of this two will make you have unique contents on your website.

Run away from duplicating contents you already have on your site. Search engines frown upon it. Do not worry; you can check using Copyscape newly developed platform, Siteliner. Use this service to know the number of duplicate contents you have within your site.

Backlink Tools

You need backlinks from reputable websites. You can pitch your guest post to them or follow Journalists on HARO (Help a Reporter Out). Through HARO, I have helped my businesses get backlinks from reputable websites without paying a dime. You need to check HARO and see what’s up.

Keyword Research Tools

Having a website without targeting keywords is a serial waste of time. To rank your site, you need to work toward being ranked for some keywords. To get ranked for any keyword, research the keyword first using SEOlium, Ahrefs, Google Adwords, Moz, among others.

You can also spy on websites that have ranked for this keyword, and use the loopholes available to outrank them.

SEO tools are excellent. If you want your platform to grow with the speed of light, you need to start applying these keywords.