Snorkels are especially important if you want to maintain the health of your car. Toyota land cruiser snorkel is ideal for those who want to protect the engine of their car during monsoon or during crossing a river as it is tough for anyone to assume beforehand how deep the creek can be. Going in there without a proper snorkel can be dangerous for both a car and the driver both. Moreover, a snorkel can improve the performance of your car. Toyota land cruiser snorkel has some special features which will help you to make your journey more beautiful and improve the performance of your car. No wonder that people like it and choose it for their cars. Let’s take a look at the reasons

Performance – Toyota land cruiser snorkel is known for its outstanding performance and it has been tested under rough and tough conditions. Even it can save a car engine from a 4’ deep swamp and make your day better. Moreover, it has seen to improve the performance of the engine on regular use. The power and gas mileage improved their performance too after the installation of the snorkel.

Air Ram Effect – All the performances we discussed above are improved mainly due to the air ram effect of the product. The snorkel works smoothly because it has on feeding your intake, which means it works with the flow, not in a forceful way. This technology helps your car engine to breathe cool air from the environment so that it can generate more power and work beautifully in all kinds of conditions. It is CAD and lab tested. This snorkel also ensures to remove the maximum amount of water from the vehicle during the air stream. It provides the engine with maximum airflow too.

Inside The Vehicle – A good condition and smooth works without any force always help to boost the power and mileage of the car, which we all expect at the end. The different kind of car has a different kind of engine, but the configuration of each engine is almost same. Though it can vary from car to car, so you will need to make some adjustments while installing it.

Durability Of The Materials – The durability of the material matters when a snorkel is made to go through rough and tough conditions. Toyota land cruiser snorkel has a strong UV stable polyethylene body to ensure you the best performance and durability. The robust of the snorkel fits outside of your 4*4. It has high-quality stainless steel as one of the prior materials.

The hardware of the snorkel is perfectly plated to avoid any kind of corrosion on all parts of the inside and outside fittings and fixtures. The connection ducting of the land cruiser snorkel is custom designed and well-tooled. It is made of EPDM molded rubber which can tolerate a temperature up to 130 degrees. It not only tolerates that temperature but works fine too on that kind of high temperature.

Pre Filters – it has a pre-filter included among all the features of the snorkel. The pre-filter helps to keep all the big particles like dust and sand out of your engines. These things can easily clog the pleats of the air filter. The clogging encourages the loss of horsepower of the car and in that case, you have to service it more often than usual.  So, on the other ways, it helps to save your money too.

The reasons for being this popular for the Toyota land cruiser snorkel are clear now. For those who want to improve the performance of their car engine and spend less money on servicing, it is a must-have for them.