Experience initiatives have always been an “invisible pressure” for many teachers, especially newly graduated teachers, with limited experience. A year is too short to have enough time to accumulate and present ideas and experiences in a scientific and well-grounded way. In the previous article, Thesis Van 2S has shared a list of the latest topics of early childhood experience ideas. To continue the series of articles in Custom Law Essays related to the topic of experience initiatives, today we will send you a comprehensive list of new primary school experience initiatives, evaluated by the judging panel.

Have a good morning at grade 1

For 1st grade experience initiatives, teachers can choose from a variety of topics around 4 big ideas: Vietnamese language experience in class 1; Have a good morning with first grade math experiences; Good Morning Have a good morning on the 1st grade homeroom work. Here are some good topics for your reference:

Instruct grade 1 students to do math with solutions.

Some measures to improve the quality of teaching and learning math in grade 1.

Some methods of practicing writing for students in grade 1.

Some measures to help improve reading skills in grade 1 students.

A number of measures to improve writing for grade 1A students at Dinh Tien Hoang Primary School, Muong Kim Commune, Lai Chau District.

Some experience in the first grade homeroom work.

Some skills and experiences in ethical skills and behavior education for grade 1 students.

First Grade Experience Initiative: Several methods have been applied in the 1st grade curriculum to teach students to do math with words.

Some measures to help 1st graders learn Vietnamese well.

Apply some games to help students enjoy addition and subtraction within 10 for 1st graders.

Some games help students in grade 1 of Tay Phong Primary School learn technology well.

Measures to practice speaking skills for students in grade 1.

Hone your color skills in fine arts for grade 1 students.

Some methods to practice reading correctly in reading lesson for 1st graders.

Some measures to help build learning habits for grade 1 students.

Guide students to study fine arts in grade 1.

Guide 1st graders to effectively use the math learning aids.

Some experiences help teachers to complete the task of homeroom class 1 well.

Have a good morning! 1: Guide on solutions to forging reading for weak students.

Some experiences when teaching effective math “practice” for grade 1 students.

Some creative ideas to write effective ideas

Thesis ideas of experience initiatives: Experienced initiative is very diverse and rich. Based on personal experience and work practice, teachers can choose topics by field. Such as: Experience in teaching; Experience in student management and education; Experience in solving difficult problems in union and team work; Experience in fostering and tutoring students; Experience in organizing specific activities …

Formula naming topics: Determining the exact title of the topic helps the writer in the right direction, focusing on the right focus of the problem. The name of the topic is a problem, a contradiction from working practice that the author will give directions to solve and clarify. In addition, the title of the topic also needs to generalize the scope and specific research content of the topic.

How to write a good idea: To have a perfect initiative, you should follow the correct 4-step sequence: The first step, writing outlines will help you navigate but the work you will have to do work, the resources to collect… the more detailed the outline, the easier and easier your future work will be. Step 2: Search and synthesize information. Read documents related to the topic, collect data to document and archive the collected materials by each type. Step 3: Write the draft of the experience initiative according to the framework prepared in the outline and information sources and based on the information collected, learned in step 2. Step 4: Complete the initiative, printed in volume.

Sample primary school experience

To have the best overview of your elementary experience initiatives, and the direction of your topic development. Readers can refer to some of the latest elementary experience initiatives that we have gathered from our experience ideas.