Music is an indispensable thing in daily life, they make us feel relaxed and comfortable after tired and bored moments. The music helps us regain balance in our lives as well as encourages us to encourage us to work more effectively. However, to listen to music and download quality free music, not many reputable websites do this. Therefore, reading out the post to enjoy 20 best free music website for downloading in 2020.

1. Jamendo Music

If you are looking for the best and free website for downloading music, you can not miss out Jamendo Music which is known as the wonderful choice for listening top and famous songs. This is a page to download music, listen to music quite familiar to users. Jamendo music allows users to search all songs when connected to the Internet, update new songs on the system quickly. You can download music for free without signing in to your account. If you have a Jamendo account, you should login to experience other features, especially a VIP account that allows you to download free music and music videos of good quality. Jamendo Music now has applications on smartphones, making it easy for users to use.

2. SoundCloud

Like the above websites, allows to download 128kbps free music, register as a VIP member to download higher quality music. The highlight here is that the site hosts a number of events for you to participate and receive rewards. This site has a pretty eye-catching interface that helps users love at first sight. Moreover, it also integrates a variety of songs and genres to make enjoying your music become more interesting.

3. Free Music Archive

This is a good site for you to listen and download classical songs. However, there are some limitations here that foreign sites, the entire interface in English. However, you can easily understand or translate with google translate thanks to the built-in google translation feature on the chrome toolbar.

Foreign music albums are updated regularly with many genres to help you easily find your favorite songs to enjoy. To download songs on this website you also need to register and there will be a limit for each registered audience.

4. SoundClick

On the website SoundClick, the favorite songs with many views are arranged in the main interface so that listeners can easily grasp the current music trends. Moreover this website also summarizes top 50 most favorite songs, top popular music, popular albums, and etc.

Here you can easily download music and find songs easily because they are arranged very scientifically. Although this website is foreign, it is very easy to use because it does not use too many languages to select or download music.

5. NoiseTrade

The interface of this website is quite simple and easy to use for even new users to listen to music and download music online. In addition to the homepage, the website is designed with 7 main groups so listeners can easily find their favorite genre. 7 groups including album music, Kpop music, popular music, dance music, …

In addition, the website also has a separate section that guides the process of downloading music to your devices, so you can be assured of the usage process without any worries.

6. FreeSound

The site is very popular on the world and due to its popularity it has been added to the list of free music websites that have a lot of traffic. The website also has a search bar so you can easily find your favorite song. This is also a foreign website but its interface is quite complex so you should also consider when using.

7. Last.FM

It is also a website that downloads foreign high-quality free music with songs and playlists divided into different genres for easy access by visitors. Moreover on this site you can easily find music lyrics to cater to making music videos easily.

You can also search for songs by artist, this website has a collection of songs by singers in this format so it fully meets the needs of listeners.

8. Grooveshark

Groooveshark has a simple and minimalistic interface like most foreign music websites. Right at the menu selection in the home page showing the music of the website are free to listen and download. The playlist is updated regularly to help visitors easily grasp the trends of the era music with hits of cult artists.

9. ccMixter

ccMixter is a community music site where you can search for “tons” of music under a Creative Commons license. Website allows listening to music, listening to sample music, creating mashups and more. Just be aware that some Creative Commons licenses may require the source to be included in the introduction of your videos.

10. Musopen

This is a good site for you to listen and download classical songs. However, there is a restriction that the foreign site is entirely in English, but you can easily understand or translate it with google translate.

In particular, the search feature needs a revamp.

11. DatPiff

If you want to use the music of a famous artist without paying a license fee then look to Datpiff. At this site, Moby also offers its songs for people to download as long as the videos or movies are non-commercial and non-profit.

12. PureVolume

Puremusic exactly responds to legitimate songs for use in movie advertising, YouTube videos, games and other multimedia products. Some songs may be charged, but many are labeled “free” and easily downloaded and added to your videos.

13. Youtube Music

Few people notice that YouTube has a completely free library of music and audio, of course, not copyrighted. You can download music without copyright here without fear of infringement.

14. Epitonic

This website offers music in mp3 file formats and allows free music downloads. The catalog at the interface of the website has a music download option so that Vietnamese users can easily understand and download music. Website uses English but very easy to use, suitable for everyone. The songs are also regularly updated, mostly European and American songs. Foreign music with a variety of genres is also the group that this website targets.

15. Amazon Music

Amazon Music offers free music and sound effects. Songs are free to use in videos, movies, audio and multimedia projects. All they ask for is either linking to the Amazon Music website or listing them in the introduction.

16. BandCamp

When content falls into the public domain, there is no intellectual property right attached to them because the rights may have expired or been lost. BandCamp is a great site to find and download public music. Songs from the early decades, for example, songs from 1900 became public if the copyright was never made again, but there are also free modern music with the artist’s permission.

17. Incompetech

Incompetech is a free website similar to other music websites, which provides expired copyrighted music. In the introduction, they said, “We provide free audio recordings, sheet music, and textbook books to the community, without copyright restrictions.” At Incompetech, you can browse music by composer, performer, instrument, stage or application. This website is great, especially if you are looking for classical music for your videos.

18. BeatPot

Finally, BeatPot offers a great selection of licensed music, and if you’re using it in a non-commercial or non-profit product, it’s free. Once you’ve selected the song you want to use, click on “License” and select “Non Commercial projects”.

19. MixCloud

The site has a fairly simple interface, is not rich and eye-catching compared to some other websites. The main feature is to find songs, listen to music and download music.

20. MP3 Juices

Like the above websites, MP3 Juices allows to download 128kbps free music. Moreover, when registering as a VIP member, you will have allow to download higher quality music. The highlight here is that the site hosts a number of events for you to participate and receive rewards.