Who doesn’t love a guy in a tux or a suit? Well, we all do. There is just something about wearing suits that just highlights the charisma of a guy’s personality.

They look smarter, they look charismatic.

But did you know that there are some rather unexplained mistakes that guys make while purchasing their lifesaving attire! They would either get a wrong fitting or the sleeves will either be just too long or the pants are just nagging. All of these mistakes just make the suit look like shopping bag that a guy has just wrapped around himself. We also know the havoc one has to go through while purchasing a suit like going into several outlets of different brands and trying one suit after another can have you lost.

So, we are here to make things right and help you fix these little mistakes because once you do, all eyes will be catching your way making you the center of attention.

  • Mistake No 1

Do not make your sleeves nag over you. They don’t look nice. We know it happens sometimes that you have got the right shoulder fitting so you think this is just going to be okay and the fitting looks fine. You know what? It doesn’t. Your fitting is not fine at all and you need to do something about your sleeves. Make sure that fit right along with your wrist and do not cover your hands.

  • Mistake No 2

The length of your jacket is just as important as anything else when it comes to your suit. Long jackets do not look nice and give a feeling that you have jumped into someone else’s size. According to professional tailors and designers, your length should be till your fingertips, you can analyze this when you’re standing straight. Your fingertip is the measuring tape when it comes to determining the length of your jacket.

  • Mistake No 3

You remember back in 90s, when there were suits with wide lapels along with bell bottom pants. Well, we are glad to tell you that you’re not living in 20th century anymore and you must avoid these wide lapels. They make your suit look old fashioned and outdated. Go with the trend and buy the latest designs. When it comes to buying an extravagant attire for yourself. The trend is always changing so follow it.

  • Mistake No 4

Another previous fashion trend includes long sleeves, the ones that were used to be folded over your sleeves of the jacket. Not that they are a previous trend but they also make your suit look a little over the top. So, your sleeves must be right where your wrist is and not coming out of the jacket for more than a pinch. Make your suit look elegant by following these tips.

  • Mistake No 5

The fitting of your suit determines your overall look and the charisma it is supposed to create. If you wear a suit that is a little too tight, we are sure that it’s going to look that somebody might be suffocated you in it. So, don’t make it look that way and try out something that not only feels comfortable to you but it’s just as comfortable as seeing you in it is.

  • Mistake No 6

Another problem or a mistake that comes across one’s mind when purchasing a suit is the length of its pants. You know it looks trendy when you’re wearing a jean and it is slopping down your fit or the same case is when you’re wearing a trouser. But trust us, that is not the case with a suit. Your pants should look straight and in order, not too long so that they don’t slope. It looks decent that way and also gives the impression of the right size.

  • Mistake No 7

The fitting of your entire jacket is determining through the wideness of your shoulder. If they are too broad or too tight, it’s going to make you look ugly, sorry. But it is just the truth. Whenever you go out and shop for a suit. Make sure that your shoulders have the perfect fitting so only then you’ll fit in correctly.

  • Mistake No 8

Never go for a stuff that is synthetic in nature. It makes it look odd and cheap. Plus, you do not want to have an expense that has little to no impression at all. Go for a thick fabric like wool or winter cotton. That fabric not only provides an amazing fitting but it is also the key to winning hearts through a graceful impression.

  • Mistake No 9

Do you think that just because your jacket is going to take over your shirt, it’s okay to wear a wrong size? It’s not. A suit always deserves the perfect size when it comes to formal shirts. Make sure you purchase the right size for your shirt so it doesn’t give out the imperfect impression. If it’s in fitting, your suit is definitely going to possess more grace.

  • Mistake No 10

Buying a ready to wear suit is a good choice but not always. Everybody has his own size and you should always consider hiring the services of a tailor. A tailor stitches your suit after taking your perfect size and there is no chance of a wrong fitting or long sleeves. Consider getting it tailored on time and try to look for someone efficient.

These few tips are going to help you sort a lot of things out when it comes to your formal dress up. And if still you’re not convinces when purchasing a suit, you can get some help from NCG tailors. The team is working online and takes orders through its website. They will take your exact size and stitch it just the way you want. Take a look at their website and make your choice. They want you to look elegant and extravagant.